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Bioshock: 1979

We all know the fall of Rapture, of how it went to ruin. But what if...what if it didn't? At least, what if things did not go as badly as they did?


(Warning: HIgh levels of action, adventure, and more action) As the world's technology has advanced and the internet evolved, so have the viruses. To combat the new threat, a new occupation is born to enter the internet itself...a Datadiver.

Dishonored: Aftermath of the Void

Set five years after the events of "Death of the Outsider", changes have occurred throughout the world, and within the Void itself. Now new people have challenges to face, as the world hurdles into a new era.

The Mailmen

Even in a post post apocalyptic future, Mailmen follow the code. Neither rain nor shine, snow or hail, will stop them from a delivery. That they will pick up and deliver any post or package, even letters, people, weapons, viruses, tech, or fresh corpses

Armor Spirits

Armor Spirit: A powerful spirit with combat abilities, they can pull out their full power when bonded to a human and unleashed. There are many types and subtypes, and they can often be found at the center of paranormal activity.

Lost Stars

In the year 2045, when technology and people had made so much progress, when science and engineering had spread of mysticism and belief, one event changed everything. It became known as Lost Stars.


"This is the definition of Magic. It is the use of forces and energies that others are unable to explain with our current knowledge of Science"- Allen Blake, Founder of the World Gatewatcher Council.


The Holy Grail War. Some believe it to be the source of hope. Others, the source of despair and suffering. But now, a new group of servants have been summoned...but with no masters and no Holy Grail around? And who is an ally and an enemy?

The Demon Hunt

Unknown to most people, the world is ruled by demons. But thanks to an experiment, a group of people with both a human soul and an implanted demon soul may be able to save us, provided they can stay out of trouble and work together.

The Agency of the Supernatural

In a world which used to be normal, abnormal phenomenon is on the rise and has begun to become public. Those who were believed to be normal were now abnormal, and a darkness has begun to grow. That is why an Agency has been formed to stop it.

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As Therri told them about how it was going to get hellish, Iviri looked with a confused look. He was still not used to Origin's weather, after all, so he had no idea what they might be in for.

"Wait, why, what is it? Isn't this just a nor...mal....oh..."

As Iviri began to speak, he noticed it was already starting to rain, and it was rapidly getting heavy. They were pretty much getting drenched. But that was not all. A moment ago, Iviri looked and it did not look like a full case of stormclouds. Now however, it was rapidly approaching what had to be the largest storm he had ever seen. Therri, who was a local, might even furrow his brows at such a large storm.

"You know what? I think I will come with you. Also...Shield! Double!"

Iviri might not be used to Origin's weather, but he wasn't an idiot. He decided to go with Therri after seeing how large the storm got so quickly. Also, because his clothes were already getting soaked to the point of being annoying, he decided to use his Shield an umbrella. It seemed silly, but he would rather not have his clothes take forever to dry.

"Whatever it is, it formed faster then any storm I ever saw before..."

Of course, Iviri had not seen many storms form in general, but there was no need to bring that up.

0.25 INK received for post #2736229, located in Astrius Academy Labs District:

As the Student Security Squad moved in, the teacher in the back was just observing. He was not really a part of the security force, but grew concerned with all the movement and decided to see what was going on with the rest of his class in tow. Of course, if something were to happen many teachers were quite combat capable so there was that too. But this was to help train the students response times and deal with real life situations.

" guys are overreacting!"

"Uhh, sorry Second Prince Acara...but, you know...we detected the opening of an interdimensional space time rift through the galactic variance barrier and a huge surge of energy coming through the event horizon that flowed into this lab. We also detected decontamination protocols kick in".

"Oh, it looks like they got the spray...that's good, the other version is really embarrassing..."

"Quiet Lt. Anyways, uhhh....right. Sorry about this, but we do need to get them registered with immigration you know?"

"That was what I was about to go do! And then take them on a tour around the city".

There were a few girls in the force that looked upon the two of them with jealousy.


Some things like that were mumbled. Well, Acara was a prince. There were a number of people who paid attention to him, and furthermore he was actually quite popular as it was known he was quite considerate, kind, and highly intelligent. As such, along with being a prince, he was popular especially with the girls. Though, Atrix was more so, and his older brother Zakar also had quite the fan club. Actually, there was an official fan club for the princes this generation.

Acara looked down at Spike, and used some sort of magic that would help float her up so they could easily take her to immigration.

"I think she will be fine. Well, I have healing magic also, but she seems strong. If something does go wrong, I will just overkill it with a massive large scale healing magic meant to restore someone to their prime from a state of near death".

The security force just twitched a little when they heard that.

"That...didn't you just say that we overreacted? Well, whatever! We will protect you until you get there!"

0.25 INK received for post #2743451, located in Room of Reason:

Akio was the first one to enter, for a very drastic change, but that was probably because he was the one who called the meeting in the first place. He plopped himself on his bean bag chair, and then had the floor it was sitting on elevate to give him a better position. He was not sure how many would show up to his invitation, given how although he was likely older then most of them, he was new to the group itself.

However, they had an incredibly important topic to discuss. The defense treaty for Terra. Although Akio himself was not really enthusiastic about it, and he was very distrustful of mortals and to be fair anyone, he recognized the...uses...this treaty could have. Mainly, about how they could be seen more as equals, and solidify their own indepedence more. If they allowed this organization to go on with out them, to protect all of Terra which included themselves without them, then Akio could see it being used to say that they were lesser then them, that they needed protection, that they had nothing to contribute.

That sort of thinking and plotting could undo a lot of the work they did, such as during the Chaos Ball, and that was something Akio did not plan to allow, at least not without a fight.

"We absolutely cannot let this go on without some input ourselves. Yes, the Detente either has to be a part of this treaty...or, we must destroy it from becoming a force that will be recognized..."

Of course, Akio had no intention of limiting himself to one solution either. He believed there were only two choices for the Detente. To support it and become equals, or to destroy it entirely and prevent the risk from ever forming in the first place. The question was, what would the other members believe?

0.25 INK received for post #2737186, located in Astrius Academy Labs District:

"Well fine then. I mean, I don't like paperwork either, but I am told it would be bad if I don't enforce some stuff like this".

The way Acara worded it seemed oddly dangerous in a sense, but he was also hungry as he forgot to have his last meal so he also wanted food. He then took out a cell phone, and explained some things as they began walking towards their place of eating. Actually, in truth when they were done eating the paperwork was already going to be simplified since Acara would have his scribes handle most of the hasslesome stuff.

"I feel like I forgot something, oh well. It should be fine".

As Acara also said something dangerous like this, it was the leader of the security forces that remembered.

"Hey! Quickly! SOmeone go contact the Second Prince's Royal Guards! He is wandering off without them again!"

Actually, Acara had fighting ability himself that was exceptional, as he knew a lot of ancient magic. However, the Royal Guards were actually even tougher in some areas, and were considered the best warriors on the planet, if not some of the best in the entire universe.

And despite being a prince, Acara really had a tendency to...forget to act like one, but in a way that also made him popular with the people. Instead of being all worked up on formality, he was friendly, kind, casual, and easy to talk to and approachable. The Royal Family were oddballs this generation to be sure, but in a way that actually made them even more liked.

0.25 INK received for post #2736603, located in Astrius Academy Labs District:

"Huh?!?!....that was, surprisingly easy?"

Seeing the spectacle unfold before him he was quite shocked. After all, while these sort of plot elements happened quite a bit in real life it seemed, he literally just pulled Spike out of an Interdimensional Wormhole made with magic and science. However, as expected of a prince, he was able to pull himself together.

"Nice to see you again. What are you doing here?"

Acara was surprised to see that the person Spike was looking for, that he sort of knew, was there right in front of them to be sure. After all, he was absolutely certain there was no way for her to be alerted to this.

"Also, can we do this as we go? We still need to get them registered as having arrived, or else there will be huge hassles with legality. Even if they had passports, without directly reporting these things it will get seriously annoying...also, is that the new Nanofabric made from the Kukarian Spiders they found on the Dark Continent?!"

ANd somehow, Acara got distracted by Magitech stuff after saying himself they needed to focus on the objective...