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Love me Not » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Love me Not as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Madeline Grable

Madeline Grable, located in Earth 2030

as part of World War III: Legacy to End Wars

"The world is just fucking nuts"

Character Portrait: Masuyo Mochizuki

Masuyo Mochizuki, located in Japan

as part of Full Metal Panic: Evening's Glow

*looks down at book*

Character Portrait: Zoey Ani Waya

Zoey Ani Waya, located in USA Midwest

as part of Undead Apocalypse

"I do what I must"

Character Portrait: Winkie Bouchard

Winkie Bouchard, located in Deadly Dame

as part of Mysteries of the Sea

"Why don't you buy me a drink a then we'll talk"

Character Portrait: Juniper Holland

Juniper Holland, located in The Fallout setting, a famous game series.

as part of Fallout: Neo York

"I really don't have the time or the patience"

Character Portrait: Laura Kinney

Laura Kinney, located in Marvel Universe-Britian

as part of The Grand Reopening!

"I wouldn't be like this it wasn't for you!"

Character Portrait: Winnie Ashmen

Winnie Ashmen, located in Provincetown, Massachusetts

as part of The One That Got Away

"I'm sorry I didn't keep in touch"

Character Portrait: Gracie Torrence

Gracie Torrence, located in Modern Day United States

as part of Experimental Eden

"Just listen to what I have to say"

Character Portrait: Iris

Iris, located in The Fallout setting, a famous game series.

as part of Fallout: Neo York

"Please don't shoot at me"

Character Portrait: Keeley

Keeley, located in Foster Home

as part of Foster Child Life

*under her breath* "Oh God not another one"

Character Portrait: Fiona Taydem

Fiona Taydem, located in The Complex

as part of The Overflow Complex

"Why am I even here?"

Character Portrait: Manako Hisakawa

Manako Hisakawa, located in Ouran College

as part of Ouran Host Club: College Bound

"Please don't touch that" *pushes glasses up on her nose*

Character Portrait: Naomi Kyouku

Naomi Kyouku, located in Baoki High School

as part of They're Nice Guys

"All boys... really what were thinking when they put us in this class"

Character Portrait: Misty the Water Type Specialist

Misty the Water Type Specialist, located in kanto region

as part of Pokemon: Destinies Fulfilled

"Ash you still owe me a bike you know"

Character Portrait: Leila Carinton

Leila Carinton, located in kanto region

as part of Pokemon: Destinies Fulfilled

"Baby pokemon are so cute"

Character Portrait: Maka

Maka, located in DWMA

as part of Flickering Souls: Soul Eater


Character Portrait: Marie Mjolnir

Marie Mjolnir, located in DWMA

as part of Flickering Souls: Soul Eater

"I want to marry this toilet."

Character Portrait: Kami

Kami, located in Death Wepon Meieter Academy

as part of Soul Eater: Kishin Of Hate

*shakes head and sighs* "Spirit you never change"

Character Portrait: Kami Afza

Kami Afza, located in DWMA

as part of Flickering Souls: Soul Eater

"I don't want to talk to you right now Spirit"

Character Portrait: Evelyn Rose Masterson

Evelyn Rose Masterson, located in London, England

as part of The Sound of Music

"Come now children you mustn't bicker"

Character Portrait: Abby Haggard

Abby Haggard, located in Crosby's Goods

as part of The Gold River Runs Red

"Lord help us"

Character Portrait: Linwe Tiwele

Linwe Tiwele, located in Medieval Universe

as part of Where do we draw the line?

"I can not lie and say all is well"

Character Portrait: Harumi Fujiyoshi

Harumi Fujiyoshi, located in Class 2-F

as part of So Long, Mr. Despair

"Oh my God it's soooo hot!"

Character Portrait: Cherish

Cherish, located in Panem

as part of The 76th Annual Hunger Games:Under A New Rule

"I don't get why some people find death so entertaining"

Character Portrait: Sapphira

Sapphira, located in Ancient Greece

as part of The Journey: The Land of Treason

"The Gods hear us all"