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The Annunaki War Open

In the infancy of civilization, humans are enslaved by their oppressive alien gods, the Annunaki. One day, whipsers of dissent and rebellion begin to spread. The Nine, the legendary heroes of the Empire of Anu, are sent out to crush the rebels.

Contractor Open

The roleplay follows a group of human "SRC"-operators working for the PMC Sylvan Group, which carries out private peacekeeping operations in the Milky Way Galaxy in the 24th Century.

Star Wars: The Hoth War Open

The Hoth Monarchy has grown into an economic and military superpower threatening the Old Republic. A ragtag band of Jedi and Republic agents are tasked with investigating the mysterious kingdom.

Medici Group Open

Circles around the top executives and business enterprises of the powerful Medici Group, one of the world's largest business empires with roots in the old Renaissance banking family.

Contractors Open

This RP follows a group of elite mercenaries as they carry out various missions around the Milky Way in the 24th Century.

Emerwood Tales Open

A roleplay about the adventures and trouble of a nomadic clan of elves travelling through a world where war between good and evil looms ever closer.