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The insanely calm one whom always gives a smile.

You decide what the smile entails....
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Well, most refer to it as "America's hat" but I just call it Canada.
Assistant Head of Library Operations, Admin of A nice little site.
What I like to do is Plenty of things (Yet I get bored easily), Some of them include: Playing my Standing Bass (For... 8 years... I do believe...) Playing Games such as: Cave Story, BlazBlue, Final Fantasy, Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (hmm that look Familiar?) And lets nor forget -pulls out cosplaying stuff- Legend of Zelda, Persona, Pokemon, and all sorts of things.
Began Role Playing:
02 Nov 1995
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Lufia & The Fortress Of Doom
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
Anything really, as I'm open to try

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Completed Stories

Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient Completed

Nebula's Dawn Series Part I: A state of the art ship crewed with greenhorns and raw meat is led by an experienced sea dog on its maiden voyage. [Complete]

The Will to Survive:The Armageddon Initiative Completed

A new disease is sweeping across the US turning those infected into flesh craving monstrosities. They've lost all humanity and their only instinct is to feed. Now with a zombie apocalypse befalling the nation, those immune to the virus try to survive.

Fairy Tail||A New Story Completed

Come one! Come all! Welcome to the most famous Guild in all of Fiore, Fairy Tail. Complete

Universes Created

Final Fantasy Wars

14 Final Fantasy games in, why not have a war RP between the 14 games?


alls fine an well, a few people are off to school (they never make it) until they are transported into the mythical world of Zevir

Final Fantasy IV New World

The Reign of Terror Of Golbez and his 4 elementals are over, Cecil and Rosa went into power, but after they disappeared Another Villain Emerged, Zewyon

Ezerian War

When the world you live in is threatened, will you stand up to defend it?

Nothing like the smell of Zombies

An average day in Seattle, until the dead start rising...

Ultimate Battle

((Private for Me, Hacker22, and VeloranDarkfyre))

Seren Wars

Will you defend Sylvanna?

Demonic Pets?!

There's something up with our pets...

The Fortress of Doom

there is a Island a Floating Island in which a fortress is on, The Fortress of Doom many have gone to destroy that fortress none prevailed... now more and more monsters appear and cities have been devastated, others destroyed...

The Third Robotech War

Are you up to help protect the earth?

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"Life...Dreams...Hope...Where do they come from? And where do they go? None of that junk is enough to fulfill your hearts! Destruction...Destruction is what makes life worth living! Destroy! Destroy! Destroy! Let's destroy everything!"
— Kefka Palazzo