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Lyysa member of RPG for 6 years

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Yeah, I'm a zombie, baby. Ain't nobody perfect.

The best stories I've been a part of (check them out or something): Morus 02, The Tribes of Imos (Both versions)

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Arkham Asylum
Preschool teacher
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0- 0-2008
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331,089 words written.
604 total posts.
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33.56 posts per roleplay.
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Completed Stories

Transformation Completed

What should you do with students who misbehave? You make them understand that they have a chance in life if they just change.

Morus 02 Completed

Morus 02, a massive space-craft constructed to house earth's infamous female criminals. But what if that criminal was actually an innocent woman that was framed for killing a political figure. (Private Roleplay VivaVictoria & Lyysa)

The Tribes of Imos || Remake Completed

Experience the wonders of Imos. Use your powers to create or destroy, strive towards peace or chaos. It's all in your hands.

Conquering Utopia Completed

Five years has passed since the apocalypse took place, people has started to settle down once more but being alive isn't the only thing that matters anymore. [Private]

Universes Created

Keep on Dreaming

Unconsciously we share a common dream. In Wonderland you and I can be our real self, the one the real world doesn't accept. So come on, dream with me.


It was fate that brought them together, and they would change the future. (Private Lyysa & thenotsoinnocent)

You'll Do What I Wish For

What would you wish for if you could wish for anything? Try it out with Tyche's Genie app.

The Grimmore Murders

Step into the life of a police officer living in the city of Grimmore, experience the adrenaline rushing through the body as you hunt down murders while your own demons are chasing you from the shadows.

Caught in a Nightmare

What did you do before you put out the light? Whatever it was it's long gone and now is the time to fight for your life because things lurks in the dark you know, just waiting for their chances to have their fun. And to put it simply, you are that fun.

Skylab 014 Genesis || Remake

While being stationed on Mars for scientistic reasons the crew suddenly finds themselves in a situation no one would be able to predict.

Project Dragonfly || Remaster

"I say, let me tell you a story, stranger. Oh, don’t worry. It’s a fun one! With tons of blood, gore and death… I can assure, you shall find it quite interesting. It is the story about you.”




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