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MagicalNeko » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by MagicalNeko as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Cyelena Zestia VanEeden-Lutcavage

Cyelena Zestia VanEeden-Lutcavage, located in Holdgrafer Estate

as part of Eternally Missed

"Useless device, it won't suffice; I want a new game to play."

Character Portrait: Vera Therese Ahlgren

Vera Therese Ahlgren, located in Murder Therapy Asylum

as part of The Murder Therapy

"That is a legitimate fear, and it's not freakin' funny."

Character Portrait: Aurelia Marcelina Valius

Aurelia Marcelina Valius, located in Murder Therapy Asylum

as part of The Murder Therapy

"I'm so sorry, Mama, I am. I wish I didn't have to, but you just made it so hard."

Character Portrait: Martina Mercedes Addison Stoltzman

Martina Mercedes Addison Stoltzman, located in London, UK

as part of Carnivores and Love Notes

:Touch Me, Treat Me, Love Me, Feed Me:

Character Portrait: Lavinia Daciana Vali Dalca

Lavinia Daciana Vali Dalca, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

as part of Cremation Melody

:Flow Along, Little Glass Bottle, With a Message Containing a Wish:

Character Portrait: Viviannah Azalea Georgia Constantine

Viviannah Azalea Georgia Constantine, located in The Masquerade Ball

as part of Misguided Ghosts: A Promise

:This Place That is Now Shattering Apart... Will Still Remain Ever Beautiful:

Character Portrait: Caelestis Laelia Vespasiano Valius

Caelestis Laelia Vespasiano Valius, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

as part of Cremation Melody

:Paralyzed Senses and Fading Conciousness:

Character Portrait: Titania Maine

Titania Maine, located in Hell on Earth

as part of The Five Beasts

"Tania Approves of This Message."

Character Portrait: Ceran Cless Kairo Alvain

Ceran Cless Kairo Alvain, located in Etlaris

as part of The Heirs of The Sorceress

"Bye my weakness, bye my sorrow... I now have the courage to take a step."

Character Portrait: Yona

Yona, located in The land

as part of Conduit

Character Portrait: Magnus Liam Scarlette Villiers

Magnus Liam Scarlette Villiers, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

as part of Melodia

"I'm not gay. Really... I'm not."

Character Portrait: Ksenia Phillip Katria Valenzuela

Ksenia Phillip Katria Valenzuela, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

as part of Melodia

:Someday, the Passing Memory will be Born in a Scattering Moment:

Character Portrait: Luceryn

Luceryn, located in The Town of Heavensent

as part of Lucy

"Wide awake and aware I belong; but memories are strong."

Character Portrait: Lavi Daimon

Lavi Daimon, located in Heaven, Earth, Hell

as part of Falling Up

"Hello, I'm still here, all that's left of yesterday...."

Character Portrait: Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive, located in victorian era of london

as part of Black Butler

"Let's go, you cat-obsessed moron."

Character Portrait: Aquroya Heartnett

Aquroya Heartnett, located in Chicago, Illnois

as part of Ephemeral Pleasures

"If the sky were crying for you, I'd turn into a sea and embrace it."

Character Portrait: Ryan Nevaeh-Raen DeLuca

Ryan Nevaeh-Raen DeLuca, located in Invisible Angel Institute

as part of A Sad Day for Happiness

"I tried to kill the pain, but only brought more."

Character Portrait: Savannah Avianne Reynolds

Savannah Avianne Reynolds, located in Invisible Angel Institute

as part of A Sad Day for Happiness

"In my field of paper flowers...."

Character Portrait: Nevada Angelus Hayes

Nevada Angelus Hayes, located in USA, IL, Chicago

as part of A Kind of Demotic

:Let Me Out Of This Dream:

Character Portrait: Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy, located in Victorian England

as part of The Slightly Chipped Full Moon

"Oh, so we were not going to the restroom together?"

Character Portrait: Luka Haven-Rheayne McAllistair

Luka Haven-Rheayne McAllistair, located in The Sharing Circle

as part of Crazy Passion

"Destiny divided pitiful twins...."

Character Portrait: Venus Valentine

Venus Valentine, located in Grand Metropolis

as part of Sanus Bellum - The Sound War

"I'm just too pretty. Seriously."