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Magus1108 member of RPG for 10 years

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I've been roleplaying off and on for a couple of years now, and I quite enjoy it. Hope I can have a good time on this site.
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Universes Created

Avatar: The Rise of Zhi

Avatar Zhi, master of all four elements, seeks to establish peace within the Earth Kingdom once more; but will he succeed in his endeavors?

The Slayer Society: Case Files

A 1x1 RP between Magus1108 and Hyperewok. A pair of Slayer Society Inspectors must investigate cases of the supernatural.

Dogs in God's Vineyard

The King of Life has called upon you to be God's Watchdog, a defender of The Faith, the hammer upon which you beat men until they are purified. Can you answer the call, and do your best to defend and promote The Faith?

Disney: Darkness Falls

A Coalition of Evil led by the vile Maleficent seeks to conquer all...and they are winning. Heroes are being slain by these villains left and right. But hope remains; a new Alliance of Heroes is emerging, and together they shall take back their worlds.

Justice League: The Story Continues

A 1x1 Roleplay between Magus1108 and GiggledustJedi. Even with the disappearance of Lex Luthor and Darkseid, there's plenty of evil for the Justice League to combat! These are their continuing adventures.

Kalani Magica

The lives of two young friends are changed forever when they stumble into a Witch's Labyrinth. They are soon rescued by a duo of Puella Magi, and get sucked into their world... (1x1 between Magus1108 and ABC)

Digimon: A New Adventure

(A 1x1 between Magus1108 and Living Dead Doll) Four regular kids were attending a summer camp, but after a series of events, find themselves trapped within the Digital World! What adventures will they experience? And will they ever go home?

Puella Magi of America

A group of young girls are given the chance to become Puella Magi; Magical Girls of immense power, so that they can combat the Witches that threaten their town. But is there more to their deal than just that...? (A 1x1 between Magus1108 and Aine)

Dogs in Almighty God's Vineyard

The King of Life has called upon you to be God's Watchdog, a defender of The Faith, the hammer upon which you beat men until they are purified. Can you answer the call, and do your best to defend and promote The Faith?

Dragon Age: Flight of the Crow

What seems to be a routine job in the country of Ferelden proves much more than Zevran Arainai, master assassin, ends up becoming the loyal follower to Thora Brosca, one of the two remaining Grey Wardens of Ferelden. (1x1 between Magus1108 and MichaelSen)

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They traveled down along the rightward tunnel, a tense air following the quartet as they moved forward. Pistols drawn and eyes darting to and fro for any sign or hint of danger, the Dogs were on heightened alert as they traversed the area. It took several minutes of travel, but eventually the tunnel they had chosen opened up, revealing its end destination as they exited the end of the tunnel.

The end result was...not quite what anyone there expected.

The tunnel opened up into a vast, excavated cavern, what almost seemed to be some deep mining pit. The open cavern revealed all sorts of excavated pathways and tunnels, leading deeper into all sorts of directions as dozens of new branching paths and tunnels were revealed.

"This is..." Sona trailed off, at a loss for words as she took in the sheer scope of the area. "What is this? Did they build some sort of elaborate tunneling system all over the town?"

"Maybe..." Margaret voiced, though her tone was doubtful. " almost seems more like a mine, than anything else. As if they were digging for something."

"For what?" Sonia immediately questioned with an incredulous tone. "There isn't any gold in these parts, not that I've heard. Or any other sort of precious metal or minerals. What on earth could they be digging for?"

She was silent, however, her eyes taking in the wide expanse before them. Something itched in the back of her head, as if she were forgetting something very important. Something about all of this seemed....achingly familiar to Margaret. But, why?

"He Who Walks the Desert Night..." she murmured to herself, recalling the name Father Mycroft had given for his god. That, too, seemed familiar to her.

Sonia gave her an odd look, but shook her head thereafter. She glanced over at Anna instead, and voiced a thought that almost all of them had to be thinking.

"We should turn back and check out that middle tunnel. If anyone ran down here....there's no telling where they could be now. This place is too big with too many tunnels all around: perfect to get lost in, if not ambushed in. We'd be better off coming back to this area with a militia at our side, or some sort of backup."



There is no War in Ba Sing Se