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Of Four Suits Open

The Kings & Queens send their children to form an alliance & bond in the House. But rebellion is sparking... And so is love and rivalry.

Dawn & Dusk: For the Good of All Open

:+: A Private 1x1 for Makenna & Dumisa :+:

Abduction of Safehouse Open

:+: A Private 1x1 for Makenna & TheDoctorsAssistant :+:

The Way of a Warrior Open

•°• A Private 1x1 for Makenna & phoenixheart •°•

Children of the Zodiac: Righting Wrongs Open

The world of Taushin, once glorious, has become a dangerous place. However, the Zodiacs have a plan to unveil; they send beings in their own image to Taushin. It is up to them to save the world.

If I Die Young Open

"Funny when you're dead how people start listening." -The Band Perry [Private Roleplay for Makenna & Joshman]

When All Hell Breaks Loose Open

When a great evil is unleashed, a band of loyals are dispatched to save the prince, revive Lucifer & Lilith, and defeat the Dark Daughter. If they dare...

Harry Potter: Disappearance at Hogwarts Open

Students are slowly disappearing in the night. And Lily Luna and Scorpius are determined to get to the bottom of it. [1x1 for VaultBoy and Makenna Young]

The Lake's Reflection Open

A young girl illegally enlists in the army, disguising herself as a boy. But what happens when she begins to fall for her young commander? For if someone finds out she's a girl, the penalty is death. [Need Someone to Play the Commander]

Dawn & Dusk : The Immortal War Open

What happens when a half-demon and a half-angel bond together in a friendship that puts the whole immortal world on edge? [Private RP for Makenna Young & InuYuki]

Where the Monsters Lurk Open

What happens when a teenage Boo returns to the monster world with a halfbreed young man? Don't know? Well, let' find out. [Private RP for Makenna Young & trivial-turbulence]

HP : Dumbledore's Army, Still Recruiting Open

What happened within Hogwarts herself in the sshe'd th year? [Private RP for Glory and I]

The Snowy Owl Open

In a world where animals rule... [Private 1x1 for Makenna Young & Lloyd999]

Blood Mates: Unexpected Love Open

In a world where humans are scarce, and those who exist are slaves... [Private RP for Makenna Young & Jordon Miller]

Aula's Assassain Open

Aula is a superhuman who escaped from the government facility that made her. And they want her silenced. [1x1 for Aethus & Makenna Young]

The War that Still Reigns Open

Something's up at Hogwarts again. And the next generation gang intends to get to the bottom of it.

City of Hopelessness Open

Terror, fear, pain, distrust. That's all you know in the City. {Private 1x1 for silverclawedmouse & I]

Letting Go for Eternity Open

When Diana is killed in a car accident, her best friend struggles to cope. [MORE INFO INSIDE]

A Catastrophic World Open

Six half mortals are the sole survivors of the apocalypse. It is up to them to start the new world. If they can survive the encounter.

Dawn & Dusk Open

Angels and demons have been at war since the beginning of time, always over the same thing. A half-demon, and a half-angel meet one day and their world is turned upside down. [CLOSED]

The Golden Age Open

What happened during the rule of the Four Pevensies of Narnia? Now's your chance to find out.

The Subjects Open

A Private 1x1

An Old Home, A New Home Open

A team of Hephlanian aliens come to colonize Earth millenia after the apocalypse wiped out human race. Little do they know, a small group of humans live on. And they, like their murderous surrondings, may be dangerous.

Dumbledore's Army, Still Recruiting Open

What happening witin Hogwarts herself in the seventh year? Experience the known and unknown of the year under Snape's regime through the eyes of the DA.

Prisoners of War Open

Worl War Five is in session, and relations of soldiers are being cpatured by the opposing army.