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MaliceInWonderland member of RPG for 11 years

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Hey there, I'm Kai

I'm a pretty easy going person, I have a bit of a temper but no worries.

So heres a few facts.
1. I'm black so my characters will be black. Most of the time. Don't like it, well that's just too damn bad.
2. I'm a girl so I ONLY play girls. No more dudes,at least as many characters don't ask cuz I don't wanna tell ya no...but I will.
3." I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my sh*t" -TechN9ne

Err that's go away.

Oh and one more thing. Warning. I'm painfully sarcastic.

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Southern California
Anime, Comics, Marvel and DC, Drawing, Painting ,Writing and Reading, Life, Faerie Lore, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, My Dreads, Being me and all that entails, All Music Genres, Singing -occasionally xD- Dancing, Egyptian Mythos and Tim Burton anything xD
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02 Jun 2007
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Kingdom Hearts
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High Fantasy, Supernatural Romance.

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Graced Completed

People are graced with abilities, certain things that make them the best at what they do. From little things to dangerous things, people are hunted down, being called "dangerous" MORE INSIDE (OPEN)

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Beauty and Beast: A Modern Fairytale

1x1 Between MaliceInWonderland and MissDreamer

Justice Corps

In the City that never sleeps, A corrupt Organization with control over everything, kidnaps and experiments on supernatural and the gifted, all hope is lost...or so it seems. {Invite Only}

The Song of Wolf and Moon

1x1 between Rawkfist and MaliceInWonderland

Gunslinger Girl: Broken Fratello

When a unit goes rogue, the units and the handlers must find her and stop her before she takes down the Agency and everyone with it.

The Ballad of Malice and Samuel

1x1 between CaesertheSeventh and MaliceInWonderland

Jodia Academy for the Misunderstood

Hidden away on an island in the Caribbean is a school for children who are simply 'Misunderstood' (NEW FACE CLAIMS ADDED!)

The Witch and The Witchhunter

With a serial killer out on the loose, using magic as his weapon of choice, a witch hunter enlists the help of an unlikely source; A Voodoo priestess.

The Tribe: New Beginning

When A virus wipes out everyone 25 and older Only the Young survive but for how long? (MANY ROLES OPEN) *NEW RULE ADDED*

The Organization:Rise of THORN

You know you're special, They knew, They were gone and you were free...or so you thought.

Those With The Iron Touch.

White Chapel is not a place you want to be, especially those called Iron Touched, hated for what they can do and how they were born, so no one cares when they start to go missing...except maybe others like them.




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"I run in triangles, I'm a rebel, I don't do circles"