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The patrons and nobles of the court who stood and murmured their thoughts to one another filled the throne room with a sense of terror filled awe and nervous anticipation as the executioners set up their devices to hang the oracle before the king and his throne. Many of the nobility wondered at this macabre spectacle only to ponder if this course of action was truly necessary for their divinely chosen ruler or if it was even the right course of action.

"I heard the oracle speak ill against our king. The nerve she must have to speak of descent so openly."

A few of the nobles begin to grow restless as Malgerius stood among them. The knight kept to himself as he listened more intently to the conversations around him with greater interest. Surely the King saw the signs of change within his realm that hinted at something for greater and darker than just a few bad omens. Hell, King Elupitser couldn't be this blind in his rage to do something so brash, even this had tobe in poor taste for the monarch and his court of nobles.

"Trophonia, a loyal member of this court, never uttered a word of perfidy....I believe she speaks only truth..."

Again the muttered words of a few nobles caught his attention as he allowed his left hand to fall simple upon the hilt of his peace-bound sword. The Corvid Knight simply remained still as his eyes began to wander from the king to something else entirely within the room. The World Spirit of Gaia herself, the blessed lady of his dreams, had taken the opportunity appear before him as the sound of the rain from outside began to fall even heavier upon the castle roof.

"Are we cursed for our actions? Do we even...."

Another noble spoke only to be cut off as the King silenced the room. His lordship spoke of how he was blessed as long as he sat upon the throne and proclaimed his right to be the only defense his people needed in order to protect them from any coming darkness. Malgerius took a single step forward as the Word Spirit herself beckoned him forward to action. Sir. Corven seemed to find his bravery easier than most of the nobility as they bit their tongues in silence while he took a single deep breath and began to make his case.

"I object to this mockery of what is known!"

Malgerius Corven held his ground against his king and felt his own hand grip the hilt of his locked sword. White knuckled and full of what could only be considered a sense of pride in his loud objection against the king. The young knight was now seen and heard as people could look upon his tunic with the kingdoms colors running across its fabric. He was the image of bravery for some in this dark time and change for others as he took yet another step towards the kings throne and the executioners.

"You speak of how there is nothing to fear for so long as you sit upon such a lofty throne! Yet you act cowardly and plan to execute one of your most loyal advisers, a seer no less who only brings you the truth of our world and its dangers that you seem all to keen on ignoring."

A few of the nobles began to mutter and gasp at the display shown before them but none could see the World Spirit as she continued to look upon the Corvid Knight and the actions that had been meant to be. Malgerius took yet another step as his fingers made their way to the strings that bound his blade within it's scabbard only to glance at each of the armed guards and other knightly members of the court. Sure he was outnumbered and the odds had been placed against him but this spectacle could not be allowed to continue.

0.25 INK received for post #2787882, located in Norde Keep:

The Corvid Knight took his king's words as all the invitation he needed. With a trained step forward and both hands gripping the hilt of his sword's hilt intently for the purposes to put down the mad monarch Malgerius would begin what some would consider the first act of rebellion against King Elupitser.

"Ready yourself!"

Malgerius shouted as he brought his sword up high and around his head only to come crashing down upon the demented king. If Paul could not recognize that the world spirit had always been present within the world than it was more than clear that The World Spirits champion needed to intervene and find another who could wear the Crown of Skyfall and rightfully rule it's people and the lands bellow.

Many of the nobles gasped and looked in both awe and terror at the scene that was falling before them. Even the Lord of the Obsidian Halls himself could only help but stand back and watch as each move from these pawns fell right into place. David Trapspringer continued to move through the crowd of nobles and guards to get a slightly better vantage as to enjoy the show while it lasts.

0.25 INK received for post #2176559, located in We'Darastri:

"You have got to be kidding me." Darien muttered as he still had his hand upon his hilt of the sword he carried. "I suppose we will just have to do the merciful and right thing." with that said Darien quickly draw his sword out from its scabbard and would rush towards the barkeep who had been showing off just to slash at him with his sword in hopes of knocking the man out and then finding something to tie him up with later so that they could then get to the bottom of all this business.

0.25 INK received for post #2788123, located in Norde Keep:

Malgerious after landing his blow and watching the king crumple before him. The young knight's sword now stained with royal blood found itself readied once more as the loyal knights to the king began to step forward.

"I Malgerious Corven, former knight to the corrupt despot before you, will accept any challenge of combat!"

He waited for the first of the knights to make their move whilst he kept his eyes upon the enemies before him. Meanwhile within the crowd of nobles David Trapspringer continued to move unhindered by the crowd only to have his eyes land upon the crown that fell to the ground between the king and the knights.

0.25 INK received for post #2788523, located in Norde Keep:

Malgerious did not respond but simply caught a glimpse of Sir Edart Yolette's attack and was only barely able to take a step back bringing his blade up to catch the oncoming steel from landing a true blow. Many of the nobles gasped at the sight of more combat and as the executioner did his dirty deed many more cried out in shock and despair.

"I honor you with this fight Sir Yolette……."

Malgerious began to grunt as he would attempt to push the blade back and up creating an opening so that he could either attempt to end this quickly or put the knight on his ass if need be.

"Though I wish it was on better circumstances!"

Meanwhile the one eyed David Trapspringer continued to watch the events unfold only to allow his gaze to fall upon the lone crown that now lay beyond the crowd and past the executioner who acted as a dangerous barrier for the nobles. There was however something that could be done and it only took the leader of The Obsidian Halls a few steps behind the crowd of nobles and away from there current gaze only to change his form into that of an elven woman with long flowing robes and an air of grace and nobility but the appearance of a scholar.

"Enough of this!"

Elio The Wise shouted in a rather commanding voice that seemed to echo with power of both the arcane and something else. The black dragon in the guise of this elvish scholar began to make its way through the crowd and towards the executioner and the combat that was happening before the crowd of nobles.