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Call me Marie... i don't really care what people think of me i know im insane deal
with it despite my insanity im somewhat sane with 2 older brothers who are a
pain i often rime without realizing its a curse of mine another curse of mine is to ramble like an idiot so just ignore me if i do i can speak french and English and im learning Japanese...
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Pluto... im an alien...
School and Breathing
Writing, Living, Drawing , Reading, Video Games, Breathing, Anime, HEAVY METAL AND ROCK AND ROLL XD
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31 Dec 2009
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ummm i don't know yet...
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What am I...

Every day you lived the same routine unaware of you inevitable faith turn's out your not alone there are more you don't know what you are? good neither do we?

Under The Darkness

How can you fight darkness itself... and how can you keep yourself from becoming darkness ... will you manage or will you fall


my computer made a duplicate so just ignore this one

Metal Heart

it's the year 9687 earth is now overrun by robots you are other one of the Androids who have been a sleep for years or one of the humans trying to survive in this wreak of a world...

Snowed In

When a few old friends get back together for the holidays they may stay longer then expected and maybe for the better...

My Shackles My Tears My Freedom

You are here because the outside world rejects you don't worry your safe the only rule is never leave...

Blood Stained Shores

When 6 demon get stuck together on Nevermore island what will happen love romance action will fill the normally peaceful island and will these individual's be able to control there inner demon or will the the shores be stained with blood...

A Few Drops Of Blood

When 6 of the most powerful and oldest vampire clans are brought down on there knees they will have to rely on each other to survive but can they put there differences aside or will they begin to fight among themselves...

Hollow Soul

I once was told the eye's are the gateway to the soul from that day on i just needed one look into a persons eyes and i new everything i never expected to see someone with hollow eyes and a hollow soul

Night And Day- Where the gangs play

The gangs Night and Day have been at war for years in a constant fight over territory and control but when a new gang arises they will have to work together in order to defend there city...

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I Regret Nothing Because If I Did I Would Spend My Life Weeping...

I Fear Nothing Because I Don't Want To Spend My Life Cowering...

I Feel Everything Because I Don't Want To Spend My Life Empty...