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Character Portrait: Bashemath "Look at them. Look at their eyes. Their eyes are all... wrong."
Character Portrait: Luci Sue Ruviae "I like putting a bit of wonder into life, it should be something both mysterious and exciting... it is so much fun!"
Character Portrait: Yyzin Froydin & Theodore Friedrich "These streets have taken so much and I couldn't do a damn thing to help... things will be different now... I... no, we will wipe it clean!"
Character Portrait: Daemon Furor "Transients are only fascinating in that they still exist."
Character Portrait: Daemon Metus "Perhaps it is uncertainty that makes them fascinating."
Character Portrait: Morpheus A strange shadowy creature with a tendency to grin maniacally. He seems somewhat... simple in ways, or is this a facade?
Character Portrait: Rosaline Hawthorne Second youngest of the Hawthorne family and one of daddy's favorites. She is a reminder that everything starts out small... she almost seems human.
Character Portrait: Don Hawthorne The big man, in the business and in life. But his priorities are straight: the family comes first. Don't mess with the family.
Character Portrait: Amaranth Hawthorne The only male child of the Don, he's polite and fair and not at all condescending... weird.
Character Portrait: Belladonna Hawthorne The eldest daughter of the Don, she's far more assertive than the rest of her family, and the last thing to cross.
Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth "How soon cut this transcient life is, at least they shall find solace in the afterlife."
Character Portrait: Winston Borne Champion to himself, hero to none, Hazarmaveth's chosen mortal for reasons unclear (wip?)
Character Portrait: Henrick Mordaine VI "Long drawn-out speech time has passed... get crazy and I'll go with you."
Character Portrait: Hoffenheim Gemini Sometimes people take justice in their own hands where justice is lacking.
Character Portrait: The Apparition The creature that some see briefly in dreams and as a seeming delusion.
Character Portrait: Black Rabbit A mysterious human-like entity from another plane, their intents and state of mind an odd enigma.
Character Portrait: Skitters Product of exposure to subject GNS-088, the former pet of the subject, now a vessel for their conciousness.
Character Portrait: Zeke Possessing a level of thermal control he exhibits traits of cryokenesis and pyrokenisis depending upon a shift in his mood.
Character Portrait: Viktoriya Not all subjects derive from Deep 17, some were foreign, subject to reverse-engineering. This subject makes Deep 17 look humanitarian in comparison.
Character Portrait: Bas'met It was never clear if GNS-088 was the subject being tested, or it was actually us that were her experiment.
Character Portrait: Beau Geste Bellatroix So much is uncertain with this creature, but what is important is that they really adore the youth.
Character Portrait: Anselm Ermenegilde A blade is forged through fire, the warrior is forged through suffering. [WIP]
Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth "He moves over the recently dead like a blanket of shadows, a light he shall emit, a guide to their next destination. Rest weary souls within the eternal city of Shalom, where suffering is known no more."
Character Portrait: Rey Ji'hala "While some let their nature control who they are, others learn to harness to become something else entirely."
Character Portrait: Gabrielle Fragile as she may seem, she is the daughter of the great mother, and subject of worship of the Exalted. Now also functioning monarch of Mordania.
Character Portrait: Balor Much of the army that still stood was struck down by a red-haired demon. A hellfire from its empty socket, a rage unquenchable.
Character Portrait: "Joy" "You really should be happy, you can be free from strife, like birds!"
Character Portrait: "Mercy" A former Mordanian enforcer, turned Exalted voluntarily upon seeing Gabrielle
Character Portrait: "Fortitude" A pinnacle of strength, he was on the front line and just walked forward into an unprepared army plowing through them.
Character Portrait: Nigel Mordaine Son of Henrick and Cecilia mordaine, next in line for the throne, forced into a double life.
Character Portrait: Eurydice Reverence A shadow of a girl who loved her family, consumed by the grief when they were killed on her sister's wedding day.
Character Portrait: Luci Sue Ruviae "This ain't no ordinary magic, and no ordinary magician!"
Character Portrait: Eurydice Reverence "Many... little butterflies..."
Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth "There is no such thing as death, only... transition."
Character Portrait: Anselm Ermenegilde "Hell, I hope some of ya survive to witness this. Ah'd hate a dead audience!"
Character Portrait: Nuelle A quiet and timid girl who remembers very little about herself.
Character Portrait: Shambling Shadow Manlike but too big to be a man, lurking and watching from the shadows with unblinking eyes.
Character Portrait: Mako "Mac" Mynvera "Admit it, you're jealous of the fin."
Character Portrait: Rosaline Hawthorne Second youngest of the Hawthorne family. Known for both her sweet demeanor and erratic temper.
Character Portrait: Amaranth Hawthorne The only male child of the Hawthorne family, tasked with watching over his little sister... poor guy.
Character Portrait: Viktoriya Cunning and ever shifting, faster and powerful, dangerous qualities for a Gjaum.
Character Portrait: Beau Geste Bellatroix "Come to me dear child, away from the savageries of man, and be rid of the bonds of their sin."
Character Portrait: Outsider Owru An inquisitive being with the strangest personality problem.
Character Portrait: Hazarmaveth "He moves over the recently dead like a blanket of shadows, a light he shall emit, a guide to their next destination. Rest weary souls within the eternal city of Shalom, where suffering is known no more."
Character Portrait: Rey Jihara "I will not be defined by my nature, I will go beyond it."
Character Portrait: Bashemath Primordial in nature but not quite a god or mortal, growing life from death, writhing shadow born of the sap of Abaranne's tree.
Character Portrait: Eden The unassuming groundskeeper of the Grand Council
Character Portrait: Anselm Ermenegilde "Hell, I hope some of ya'll survive t'witness this. Ah'd so hate a dead audience..."
Character Portrait: Lehechalesh "It was not my arrogance that summoned me, and yet here I wither for your mistakes."
Character Portrait: Viktoriya Product of unethical Kaybdenite experimentation, what remains of their humanity is unlear, but to them, effectiveness is valued higher than "minor" details.
Character Portrait: Zeke A veteran from the first contact, enhanced through experimentation with traits of both fire and ice.
Character Portrait: Outsider Mal In some twisted form of reality comedy is just a cosmic horror with a lot of bad puns tacked onto it.
Character Portrait: Bellatroix A force of nature in flesh, cast in the shadow of the great mother, complex as it is primal, out to claim a debt in blood, a price of flesh.
Character Portrait: Schoneke A scourge created by tragedy, her mana left twisted and burning, gnarled her both heart and body
Character Portrait: Lord Lehechalesh "I have witnessed truth, my... 'kind,' filled with visionless animals, and mortals... well, if it were not for fear of the Old One, then they would still be out slitting each other's throats."
Character Portrait: NyNeve
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A Leviathan with something of a friendly, and curious disposition.
Character Portrait: Bashemath While most adhere to the cycle of life and death, an anomaly exists that twists it, confuses it. Frightening as it is, is void of malice. We named her Bashemath.
Character Portrait: Saiph Grimms The daughter of the mysterious Mr. Grimms, going under the nickname "Black Rabbit." May have an obsession with rabbits.
Character Portrait: Betelgeuse Grimms "Everybody wants information, high demand if you will, lots of money to make in a commodity of high demand."
Character Portrait: Jerkhief "My wooden badge was delicious!"
Character Portrait: Dr. James B. Hook Once a noble name, now a rather unfortunate connation. Then again, what is the world without Captain Hook?
Character Portrait: Mercy To become Exalted is not to become better than others, but greater than yourself.
Character Portrait: Gabrielle A strange young girl with a pale face and symbols marked across her body, fragile yet holding a gift within her veins.
Character Portrait: Iron Kaiser Thespian Anarchist
Character Portrait: Anselm Ermengilde "Oh yeh, try not t'die. Bad for survival, y'know."
Character Portrait: Quail Porter A young storm Dracora raised under unusual conditions with dreams of grandeur as a powerful dragon, dreams that are considerably... bigger than her.
Character Portrait: Beau Geste Bellatroix A force of nature, the weaver of flesh. Terrifying, ravenous, but nurture and nature are deeply intertwined, a maternal kind of boogieman.
Character Portrait: Iris A voice, perhaps woman's voice? She cries out, but the words are lost, only a name recalled from vague memories.
Character Portrait: Rey Jihara Time... pressure, heat, and time.
Character Portrait: Manya Kazimir "I mean, there's a bit of comfort in the fact that if these things actually get up, we're not alone in being screwed."
Character Portrait: Skitters What do you get when you combine a simple woodland critter with an artificial godlike entity? "Kreh!"
Character Portrait: Martin Vole A strange foreigner with a polite demeanor, and hidden connections that may be more trouble than it's worth.
Character Portrait: Songbirds of Peace "Not sacrifices, never sacrifice, they've gained! They are more themselves than they ever were! And listen, they sing! Beautiful..."
Character Portrait: Dr. Addler Lead scientist and surviving founder of the Genesis Project
Character Portrait: Bashemath The last stable, relatively speaking, speciment to be born of the Genesis Project.
Character Portrait: Mr. Grimms Big as he is mysterious, the masked patron in a fine suit.
Character Portrait: Saiph Grimms The daughter of the mysterious Mr. Grimms, appears somewhat manic. May have a bit of an obsession with rabbits.
Character Portrait: Eurydice Reverence The shadow of a young woman who had lost everything.
Character Portrait: Editus Rayn The Midnight Wings, born of hate, born to be hated.
Character Portrait: Corrupted Data Entry Unrecognized Command: Tea
Character Portrait: Beau Geste Bellatroix In the absence of man, a savage world birthed a different kind of "mother nature," of the flesh of the many.
Character Portrait: Orpheus An odd black Talos deviant with a passion for music. Past functions unknown.
Character Portrait: Viktoriya A surviving weapon used by the Kaymbdenites in the war before the coming of the Talos.
Character Portrait: Kokkino A brilliant red Talos Centurion with magnifiscent wings
Character Portrait: Zeke An experimental ex-soldier, now a wanderer, vagrant, yet somehow more resolved and at peace.
Character Portrait: Black Doom "You betrayed me! You got the wrong size, and it is too scratchy!"
Character Portrait: Sir Betelgeuse Grimms The patriarch of Grimms family, greedy as he is noble.
Character Portrait: Anselm Ermenegilde "Eh... first rule of survival: don't die."
Character Portrait: Beau Geste Bellatroix Weaver of her own flesh, the tapestry of her art.
Character Portrait: D10 "Fade."
Character Portrait: Bashemath An experiment with black blood that can reanimate the dead.
Character Portrait: Xander A hulking and lanky experiment that possesses the ability to "anchor" himself in space.
Character Portrait: Editus Rayn A storm rages, wing beats like thunder, a rainfall of rage and...
Character Portrait: Saiph Grimms A mysterious young woman with a rabbit obsession. Wielder of the spirit, Luci Sue.
Character Portrait: Hamza Ziyad A modern day axe flinging barbarian. Lucky for us, he tends to carve up beasts, rather than people.
Character Portrait: Jack Draven Like a twisted film noir, he is a detective of the occult, and long accustomed to gazing into the abyss.
Character Portrait: Ignatious "Iggy" Thom A practictioner of the arcane, a teacher of the literary arts, wrote his own biography.
Character Portrait: Abdown Governor of Lunalake Island
Character Portrait: Malachie Second-in-command of the Harlequins, a very dangerous criminal claiming to be some great chosen hero.
Character Portrait: Puah Cursed with a corrupted first dream she was scarred for life, lived as a pariah, yet gifted with great power and talent.
Character Portrait: Bellatroix Weaver of flesh, her own body the tapestry of her art.
Character Portrait: Adam -FADE- Deo Where does the man end and the machine begins? Even he's not sure anymore.
Character Portrait: Dr. Addler The remains of humanity in a research facility turned into a bizarre clinic
Character Portrait: Hayden Addler A mad scientist willingly working on the arcane, surrounding himself in his experiments with a kind of familial affection
Character Portrait: Nurse Lumina One of the doctor's little experiments, doesn't really talk, but actions speak louder.
Character Portrait: Yam Suph Destroyer, creator, an unknown once introduced as the greatest threat to all creation, now something else entirely
Character Portrait: Anselm Ermenegilde "Eh... first rule of survival: kill em first, and don't ever die."
Character Portrait: Editus Rayn The Midnight Wings, previous "king" of darkness, usurped by the Red Tide's awakening.
Character Portrait: Dr. Addler A once brilliant physician and scientist, driven mad by failure, his focus has left the realm of man.
Character Portrait: Skitters An early experiment in reanimation, once animal now something else, and becoming stranger still...
Character Portrait: Editus Rayne [WIP]"I suppose you've heard of me, the bastard, the son of a harlot mother?"
Character Portrait: Hayden Addler A maddened alchemist studying the forbidden, intent to cure this sick world.