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Abarranne's Cradle: Shame Open

A strange world set in its present time period with concepts of magic and the science that utilizes it. Both technology and the supernatural exist side-by-side.

Pandora Ex Machina: Into Chaos Open

Plucked from their homes and worlds and placed within the strange dimension of the creator machine, Chaos, where they are to be tested, judged, and bets placed upon them by their arbiters.

Nephilim Noir Open

In the Mordanian border city of Stulhelm crime and the strange runs rampant on the streets with only the most hardened of enforcers to bring some form of order.

Rishon: Shattered Closed

In the aftermath of war the world was easily conquered and split between two godlike beings, the son of the cruel fallen Rishon Asri'yel, named Y'mir, and an artificial Rishon, Bashemath who spreads like a plague assimilating all life.

Rishon: Vow Open

As his last vow against the Creator, Asri'yel claimed that his seed, monsters born from him forcing himself upon the Great Mother Abaranne, would bring about the undoing of all creation, forged of the darkest aspects of them. His seed, the Nephilim.

I Was a Butterfly Open

In the town of Butterfly Springs all is well and well mannered. Days are warm but not hot, food is good and always home cooked and the people are all friendly. Perfect, too perfect, and when and how did you get here?

Deep 17: Contingency Open

In the underground labs beings of all forms and origins, born and created, have been contained with the ideal of conditioning them towards advancing the world , making it greater. They thought they could keep it under control, that nothing could go wrong.

Abaranne's Cradle: Usurper Open

Mordania, a once free nation taken over by the supernatural Exalted, a secretive cult claiming to be protectors. Serving under their goddess, they hold the land now under strict laws and a curfew. However, rebellion is brewing.

Gate Aethera Open

In a time where people of all races and shapes had come together, taming the unknown force of Aethera, the "Living Magic" as some call it. Unfortunately, one door opened welcomes others in.

The Land of Nod Open

Whisked away from reality as they know it, and waking up in an alien world created by an unknown being, people find themselves appearing as they dream themselves to be, or believe themselves to be.

Pantheon: Shattered World Open

A fragile world shattered by an ages old war. Will you reunite it or will you fling it into chaos, or let the world be born anew? How will you reign? This is a tale of heroes and gods.

Bedlam Dawn: Freedom's Fare Open

With the fall of a tyrant from beyond the veil, people once again are masters of their own world. Unfortunately, that means now to deal with those terrors that the tyrant kept at bay.

ReStart: Iris Open

The world is not what it seems as recurring nightmares haunt your sleep of a hopeless battle against doomsday. Why does it feel less like a premonition and like it has already happened? Why do you know the names "Iris" and "Dominus"?

Deep 17 Open

Here in the Deep 17, we strive towards the betterment of all forms of life, to bridge the gaps between scientific understanding, and that which lies beyond our material definitions, all with open arms.

The Forsaken: Rebirth Open

The last remaining race of Oberos, humanity, has finally gone too far, causing the end of the world to commence. The gods, who had already been growing more distant, gave up on them. Nevertheless, hope yet remains: Could the tide be turned?

Pandora Ex Machina Open

They call themselves Talos, bringers of peace, but all they were was conquerors. They took it all, our "burdens" as they call it, and we became hardly even secondary citizens to them in the exchange of our freedom.

The Obsidian Wilds Open

Explore the twisted overgrown world, and discover the truths buried beneath the expanse of this world blanketed by green, and occupied by mutated wildlife.

Cacophony of Shadows Open

The year is 2020, and all around the world, in major cities, a great and terrifying castle has appeared, displacing reality around to accommodate its existence, casting a shadow over the world, an ill omen for what is to come.

Memoria Irae Open

Welcome to the world of Memoria, a dreamlike space of magic and absurdity. Continents are set adrift around a giant white tree without explanation, and everything seems colorful and bright, but nothing is ever so perfect.

Melody of Ruin Open

A world of man and monster, magic and science, where the scale tips and a new order arises amidst the chaos. A castle beyond compare seats the throne of new law. Will mankind survive this new shift, or be consumed in its wake?