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“With lines like that you’re nearly as charming as a dead badger,” Ash looked up to Lyle as he placed an arm around both her and Socie. Which must have looked quite awkward given the whole foot of height difference between the girls. Then factoring in Lyle’s own great height.

Those comments from the womanizer had been a tid too annoying for her to humour him long. While Cleo introduced herself, Ash brushed the man's arm off her. Making way over to Cy as a way of rejecting the black-haired weapon. After all this travel she was admittedly running low on quip fuel. This would serve to both slightly provoke him and give time to recharge.

Gerain seemed to have a good laugh about it all, something that caused Ash to immediately take a liking to him. A wary liking. Perhaps the guys didn’t understand; but being wary of strange men offering van rides was kind of important.

"Hey Gerain! Any good pubs you recommend? Most of us are old enough!" Ash was almost certain she was the only one younger than eighteen. Which made the prospect sound really unpleasant. This group was annoying enough sober. "The name's Cyrille, mere tourist. That goes for all of us." Cy made his way forward, getting real buddy buddy with Gerain like they were old pals. Ash followed along, keeping her meister’s body between them.

“Ash. Happy to meet you out of arm's reach.” Cy probably didn’t appreciate her antagonizing the guide. His opinion was, in her opinion, stupid.

The hours of absolute hell known as sightseeing had been too much for Ash. A jetlagged nights sleep wasn’t enough to get her through that unscathed. While they drove across the countryside, Ash’s head lay comfortably planted on someones shoulder. A deep slumber was over her, the only contributions made to conversation a soft rhythmic breathing.

That crashing of glass, and shouting of Gerain sure was an exciting way to wake up. Raising her head from the scrambling body, and taking a moment to stretch and yawn.