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Meow Meow » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Meow Meow as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Camelia Porter

Camelia Porter, located in The Ocean

as part of Destiny's Child

"Please eat all you want! I may have cooked for 43 people not 8....."

Character Portrait: Jacob T. Kingsley

Jacob T. Kingsley, located in Neverland

as part of The Fall of Neverland

[WIP Status: Major]

Character Portrait: James Bartholomew Hook

James Bartholomew Hook, located in Neverland

as part of The Fall of Neverland

"Why don't you listen to my side of the story? I've got reasons for the things I do."

Character Portrait: Liliana

Liliana, located in Neverland

as part of The Fall of Neverland

[Major WIP No looky ;3]

Character Portrait: Kuroi Hana

Kuroi Hana, located in The World of 'Ao Oni'

as part of Ao Oni: Horror Reborn

"Fear gets us killed, so suck it up."

Character Portrait: Kitanai Akuma

Kitanai Akuma, located in Warren High

as part of The Project of Warren High

"Well well well... Looks like you and I will have some fun, human..."

Character Portrait: Sasuke Jiovia

Sasuke Jiovia, located in Earth 2220

as part of A Nations Demise

"It's not my fault, it's not my fault, it's not my fault."

Character Portrait: Leonardo Osserto

Leonardo Osserto, located in Osaka City

as part of When Mother Earth Gave Up

"Look at how cute Miyu is, admiring those trees like that... God I love her so much!"

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Mugen

Elizabeth Mugen, located in Japan, Iburi

as part of The Red String

[WIP Status: Major]

Character Portrait: Momoko Hinamori

Momoko Hinamori, located in Maid Latte

as part of Maid Latte

"Ummm... Here's your coffee sir.."

Character Portrait: Renjiro

Renjiro, located in Storage

as part of WIP Storage

Wip character for role play Ephemeral :3

Character Portrait: Alionna Hawklight

Alionna Hawklight, located in City of Nirameth

as part of The Rise of the Palatinate Order

"Unless you want a sword in your stomach, I suggest you stay away from me."

Character Portrait: Calathiel Selanlar

Calathiel Selanlar, located in Warren High

as part of The Project of Warren High

"I don't get this whole project.... Humans are silly creatures."

Character Portrait: Cecilia Subarashi

Cecilia Subarashi, located in Kyoto, Japan

as part of True Forms

"Why do I giggle so much? I don't know~! HeeHee~!"

Character Portrait: Felix Callisto

Felix Callisto, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of The Notes and The Bullets

[WIP: History || Personality || ETC. Don't look yet ;3]