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Methodical member of RPG for years

Bio: Quote from The Book of Methodical:

"In the beginning there was a baby; then he grew up; then he got an iPad; then he got a Roleplaygateway account."

...Skip a bit...

"Quoth God: 'A full house again? You win Metho, you can have the holy grail.'"

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That one realm with all of the cute girls.
Professional PCG (Pretty Cool Guy)
I like lots of things, from video games and anime, to books and sports. :D
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17 Nov 1912
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Final Fantasy 13
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Anime, Fantasy or Sci-Fi

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DEAD: Zombie Survival!

Yukkuri academy has been overrun by zombies thanks to a dark and sinister spell, now it's up to you to take back the school from the grips of a deadly evil.

The Legend of Korra: The Vigil

10 years before Korra arrives in Republic City, Avatar Aang has passed, and Republic City is in a state of chaos. A ragtag group of vigilantes have taken it upon themselves to protect the city, though they may be in over their heads.

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Character Portrait: Cassadin Krios

Cassadin Krios

"Let justice be done though the heavens should fall."
Character Portrait: Loghain Talos

Loghain Talos

"Are you sure? My blade begs to differ."
Character Portrait: Talon Loghain

Talon Loghain

"I will do what I can."
Character Portrait: Tao Liang

Tao Liang

"It's our responsibility to protect the city. No one else will."
Character Portrait: Cassadin Hawke

Cassadin Hawke

"Hold this arrow for me!"
Character Portrait: Alijah Talon

Alijah Talon

"Of course I will"
Character Portrait: Lightning


"Honor is everything."
Character Portrait: Takeo Kukai

Takeo Kukai

"I killed my first zombie when I was six months old...with a sharpened rattle."
Character Portrait: Methodical


Character Portrait: Cassius Jagger

Cassius Jagger

"Hey buddy! How's it going?"
Character Portrait: Takeo Kukai

Takeo Kukai

"Don't worry, I'm fine.*cough*"
Character Portrait: Cass Jagger

Cass Jagger

"Hey, that sounds good!"
Character Portrait: Gunman/John "Jack" Doe

Gunman/John "Jack" Doe

"Don't. Touch. My. Guns."
Character Portrait: Finn Kennedy

Finn Kennedy

"My, what fresh new hell is this?"