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Completed Stories

Van Helsing: Age of the Twins Completed

High up in the mountains, in the blistering cold, The Van Helsing Academy lies. It is home only to a select few,

Universes Created

Everwood Academy

We all want to make it big, this is just the stuff that happens along the way

Across the River

Wolves and Vampires. Both sworn enemies. So what happens when the sisters of the alpha wolf, wander over the river and into vampire territory. Emotions arise as a solar eclipse draws near.

Clemons Boarding School

This school only takes the best. But is it as "perfect" as it seems. This school has a lot of drama, and it's students are right in the middle of it

Academy Of The Arts

An academy for the artistic souls

Hendon House Academy for The Gifted

Everyone has something they're good at. Whether its art, science, drama, sports, or some other ability. But some people, have abilities that are...different than others. They are the true meaning for the Hendon House Academy.

Seven Deadly Cliques

Most high schools have cliques of jocks, preps, emos, and nerds. Not here. Here the cliques are organized, each labeled by one of the seven deadly sins. Which sin are you?

Captured Tears

(needs guys)Four Mermaids, captured by the famous Captain Blackbeard, are to be used for their tears, in a ritual that would grant Blackbeard with eternal youth. But when emotions start to erupt between the mermaids and four men, how will things change?

Let the Games Begin

6 Werewolves. 6 Vampires. Trapped. One House. As the solar eclipse draws near, they start to fall in love. All is fair in love and war.

The Royal Academy of Arts

Welcome to the Royal Academy of Arts. The Royal Academy of Arts is where futures are made, and dreams become reality.

Camelot's Only Hope

Ones with magic must hide as Uther, king of Camelot has banned magic, and decreed that anyone who practices it, must be put to death. The only hope for those in the kingdom lies on the young Prince Arthur.

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