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Completed Stories

Van Helsing: Age of the Twins Completed

High up in the mountains, in the blistering cold, The Van Helsing Academy lies. It is home only to a select few,

Universes Created

Black Wood Academy for the Gifted

Supernatural, inhuman, different, paranormal, what ever you want to call us, but here they call us special. Whether we are or not, that's for you to decide.

Elemental Boarding School

A school for those who are "specially" connected with the elements.

Gossip Girl: Beginning to End

You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

Blake Holsey High

Welcome to Blake Holsey High

Black Roses Red

Two Feauding Kingdoms. 4 Princes. 4 Princesses. Can marriage finally end the war that has lasted more than a century? Can love finally turn black roses red?

Nine Lives To Live

Their life began, on the day they died. With nine lives to live, they were given a second chance, but those who first killed them, still hunt them down.

Seven Deadly Cliques

Most high schools have cliques of jocks, preps, emos, and nerds. Not here. Here the cliques are organized, each labeled by one of the seven deadly sins. Which sin are you?

The Gates

Welcome to the Gates. A community so exclusive, getting in, is almost as hard as getting out.

Wild Child

What happens when 3 spoiled sisters from Malibu finally push their father over the edge. Well, to sum it all up, they're sent to an all girls boarding school in England. Tough break right? Their lives are about to get turned upside down.

Precious Memories

The urge to know the truth is overwhelming. Will you be a friend or foe in Elena James's quest to find her true identity?

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