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Camp Half-Blood Open

Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, where demigods learn to control and master their powers with the help of our instructors

The 10th Kingdom Roleplay Open

Welcome to the 10 kingdoms

Blake Holsey High Open

Welcome to Blake Holsey High

The Gates Open

Welcome to the Gates. A community so exclusive, getting in, is almost as hard as getting out.

The Hunger Games Open

the annual hunger games has come again, the lives of many are at stake

Holland Hall Boarding Academy Open

Welcome to Holland Hall. A boarding school for students who's differences set them apart from the students at other schools

Camelot's Only Hope Open

Ones with magic must hide as Uther, king of Camelot has banned magic, and decreed that anyone who practices it, must be put to death. The only hope for those in the kingdom lies on the young Prince Arthur.

Seven Deadly Cliques Open

Most high schools have cliques of jocks, preps, emos, and nerds. Not here. Here the cliques are organized, each labeled by one of the seven deadly sins. Which sin are you?

Clemons Boarding School Open

This school only takes the best. But is it as "perfect" as it seems. This school has a lot of drama, and it's students are right in the middle of it

Gossip Girl: Beginning to End Open

You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

Hogwarts: Welcome to the Wizarding World Open

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

XOXO, Gossip Girl. Open

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.

Time of the Marauders Open

This story takes place at Hogwarts, while the marauders: Remus Lupin/Moony Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail, Sirius Black/Padfoot, James Potter/Prongs, and their friends, families, and enemies are students at Hogwarts.

Easy A Open

What happens when once invisible high school girls, all friends become the subject of almost all of the rumors in the school. Rumors surrounding fake relationships with a lot of guys. What happens when good intentions take a turn for the worst?

Vampire Diaries Open

What happens when you are drawn to the future, but you're stuck in the past?

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good Open

The Marauders have a new year ahead of them at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Academy Of The Arts Open

An academy for the artistic souls

Hogwarts: A New Generation Open

The new generation of students are attending Hogwarts. What's in store? The're about to find out.

Stumbling on Love Open

A group of girls stumble across a mysterious house, inhabited by immortal beings. Have the girls found their deaths, or will they find that stumbling onto the mysterious house, leads to falling in love?

Everwood Academy Open

We all want to make it big, this is just the stuff that happens along the way

Elemental Boarding School Open

A school for those who are "specially" connected with the elements.

Olympus Academy Open

Wow, another school rp. Any takers?

Held Captive Open

Held captive to be servants the greek gods and goddesses, you and many others are captured and given to each god/goddess by Zeus himself. But what happens when the immortals and the mortals fall for each other?

Let the Games Begin Open

6 Werewolves. 6 Vampires. Trapped. One House. As the solar eclipse draws near, they start to fall in love. All is fair in love and war.

Hidden in the Caribbean Open

On a remote island in the Caribbean, there resides a boarding school for those who are supernatural, inhuman, what ever you want to call them, but here they call us special. Whether we are or not, thats for you to decide.

Adventures on the Seven Seas Open

When you and your captain are taken captive aboard a ship captained by none other than the mighty Jack Sparrow, emotions begin to erupt. Which one will it be for you? Love? Or Hate?

Precious Memories Open

The urge to know the truth is overwhelming. Will you be a friend or foe in Elena James's quest to find her true identity?

Black Roses Red Open

Two Feauding Kingdoms. 4 Princes. 4 Princesses. Can marriage finally end the war that has lasted more than a century? Can love finally turn black roses red?

Black Wood Academy for the Gifted Open

Supernatural, inhuman, different, paranormal, what ever you want to call us, but here they call us special. Whether we are or not, that's for you to decide.

Tsunami Blue Open

“What if our blue planet became much bluer? What if our landscape consisted only of islands? What if there was no law and no order, just a fight for survival?"

The Dancer's Children Open

"I know what life feels like. Like your caught in a moment with no end in sight. Like you're stumbling through darkness, feeling for a light." -Allie Farris, The Dancer.

Hollywood High Open

Here’s where those who want to make it big, attempt the biggest feat of their lives. High School.

A Touch of Fate Open

Every werewolf has a destined mate. Many go their whole lives without finding them. But this pack was stupid enough to cross a witch so now, they’ve got until the next blue moon to find their mate or suffer consequences.

Across the River Open

Wolves and Vampires. Both sworn enemies. So what happens when the sisters of the alpha wolf, wander over the river and into vampire territory. Emotions arise as a solar eclipse draws near.

The Royal Academy of Arts Open

Welcome to the Royal Academy of Arts. The Royal Academy of Arts is where futures are made, and dreams become reality.

Living Legends Open

Well this didn't work out.

The Covenant Open

(Still need 1 guy) 4 guys. 4 girls. Unspeakable powers. And the one who wants to take it from them. But are they strong enough to defeat him?

You're Not Alone Open

What happens when you live your whole life alone, with secrets? When those secrets consume you, who do you turn to? And what happens when you finally find someone who can set you free, but has secrets of their own?

A Second Chance Open

What happens when you live a life of problems. After something terrible happens and changes your entire life, who do you turn to? What if you had the chance to start over? A new start? A second chance? But is it your destiny to do it again?

Walt Disney High Open

(need more people) What comes after a fairytale "Happily Ever After"? This is where the children of those you read about in storybooks go to school. But here, things aren't as perfect.

Wild Child Open

What happens when 3 spoiled sisters from Malibu finally push their father over the edge. Well, to sum it all up, they're sent to an all girls boarding school in England. Tough break right? Their lives are about to get turned upside down.

On The Run Open

(Need 1 guy) Once, there were 9 of us. The first 3 are dead. We've been on the run for as long as any of us can remember. Two months ago, we all found each other. Now, we are all protecting each other. Trying to blend in where ever we are.

Running From Wolves Open

In a town terrorized by wolves, three girls fall for them. But during a blood moon, a man bitten is a man cursed. So what do they do, when the only people they trust, become targets of suspicion?

Start Your Engines Open

8 racers. The ultimate job. The prize? 100 million dollars. This group is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Money and Cars. That is all they care about. Drivers. Start. Your. Engine.

Captured Tears Open

(needs guys)Four Mermaids, captured by the famous Captain Blackbeard, are to be used for their tears, in a ritual that would grant Blackbeard with eternal youth. But when emotions start to erupt between the mermaids and four men, how will things change?

Nine Lives To Live Open

Their life began, on the day they died. With nine lives to live, they were given a second chance, but those who first killed them, still hunt them down.

Highschool Heartbreak Open

He was the guy all the other guys would die to be, and all the girls would die to be with. But this time, he made the wrong decision. They dont plan to get mad. They plan to get even.

Grimmtown High Open

Once upon a time... Thats how it always starts. Right? The Magic. The Romance. The Evil Stepmothers. The Dreams Come True. But what happens between the beginnings, and the Happily Ever Afters? Grimmtown High: Where fables and fairytales come out to play.

Reliquish Records: Unrequited Love Tour Open

Four Bands. All traveling together on a six month tour around the US, with dreams of making it big. But being on the road with the same people for months on end does things to a person. Watch as the impeding scenes unfold.

Born From A Boombox Open

The Pirates. The Nomads. And The Samurai. Three dance houses. All have made it into the competition of a life time. But sometimes, rivalries, cause problems. They've worked so hard to reach the top. Will it all come crashing down?

Narnia: Kings and Queens of Promise Open

Aslan told them they'd never return, yet a year after the youngest Pevensies left Narnia, they, and their siblings, along with two new girls, were pulled back into the magical world. Trouble is rising, but it may be more than they can handle. (Open)

Hendon House Academy for The Gifted Open

Everyone has something they're good at. Whether its art, science, drama, sports, or some other ability. But some people, have abilities that are...different than others. They are the true meaning for the Hendon House Academy.

Trials of Camelot Open

A dark shadow falls across the land as Rothbart, a man who once sat at the round table as a knight of Camelot, vowes to take over the kingdom, and kill the good King Arthur. All remaining hope rests on a few very young shoulders.

Dragon Riders: A New Generation Open

A shadow falls across the land of Alagaesia. A new era of Dragon Riders approaches.