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MiraMija » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by MiraMija as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Blaise "Star" Mariette

Blaise "Star" Mariette, located in Earth

as part of Long Lost Brother

"You gotta loosen up and enjoy yourself!"

Character Portrait: Skyler Haytham

Skyler Haytham, located in Earth

as part of Long Lost Brother

*holds onto his rabbit*

Character Portrait: Jason Miller

Jason Miller, located in New York City

as part of Guiding Heroes

"You all don't understand."

Character Portrait: Veron Marsh

Veron Marsh, located in Miami Resort

as part of More Than Just Friends

"I'm not really sure... about anything."

Character Portrait: Derek Bale

Derek Bale, located in New York City

as part of Guiding Heroes

"Is that true?"

Character Portrait: Nathaniel Kiesser

Nathaniel Kiesser, located in Belle Rivière Campus

as part of Life With Strangers

"Don't make me do it!!!"

Character Portrait: Sarah and Jasper Marsh

Sarah and Jasper Marsh, located in Miami Resort

as part of More Than Just Friends

"Gays are so HAWT!" S.M. "I knew it~" J.M.

Character Portrait: Andrew Salem

Andrew Salem, located in Wherever the Wind Takes Us

as part of Unforgiving Love

"Trust me. My life is no life to live."

Character Portrait: Jared Halton

Jared Halton, located in Medieval Europe (Years Unknown)

as part of The Tale of Immortali

"Dark as night. Cold as ice."

Character Portrait: Johnathon Jannette Markus

Johnathon Jannette Markus, located in Far Far Away Kingdom

as part of Pitiful Twins

"You are the queen. I am the servant."

Character Portrait: Meiji

Meiji, located in Places

as part of As long as you love me

"It's a hard decision."

Character Portrait: Rieto Masashimi

Rieto Masashimi, located in Home

as part of Two Plus One Does Not Equal Three

"Don't hate. LOVE!"

Character Portrait: Jason Marks

Jason Marks, located in America

as part of Hashshashin

"I am no hero. Nor should I be praised as one. A hero saves everyone, and I have not."

Character Portrait: Damien Fuhrer

Damien Fuhrer, located in Fictional Boulder, Colorado

as part of Cabin in the woods

"Could I get any hotter?"

Character Portrait: Connor Davenport

Connor Davenport, located in Unknown (world-wide, but mostly USA)

as part of Hunt, Capture, and Kill

"The right thing to do is always the best thing to do."

Character Portrait: Haytham Smith

Haytham Smith, located in 2016, Earth

as part of Those of the Devil's Kin.

"If only if only." WIP

Character Portrait: Weston Faulkner

Weston Faulkner, located in Wurgo, Iowa

as part of The Ring Boys

"Don't be such a hard-ass."

Character Portrait: Maria Pampola Fernando

Maria Pampola Fernando, located in Wherever

as part of Holiday Cheer


Character Portrait: Wiliam Herrald

Wiliam Herrald, located in Planeta Tierra

as part of A Dream Within Eden

"Nothing will stand in my way!" WIP

Character Portrait: Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray, located in The Devil Inside [an underground club]

as part of The Devil Inside

"Ah~ Sucks to be a human."

Character Portrait: Alexander Heithan

Alexander Heithan, located in Earth

as part of The Pale Tree: Dark Hands

"I am no hero. Heroes save everyone and I have done no such thing."

Character Portrait: Lucius Kendall

Lucius Kendall, located in ???

as part of A Real "Paranormal Activity" Moment

"Hope is a silly feeling to grasp on." WIP

Character Portrait: Micheal "MJ" Jameson

Micheal "MJ" Jameson, located in The Lincoln Academy

as part of The Lincoln Academy

"Sorry, what did you say?"

Character Portrait: Michael Day

Michael Day, located in Boylston Street

as part of New Roommate

"If only if only snow was actually ice cream!"

Character Portrait: Jack Frost

Jack Frost, located in Wherever

as part of Holiday Cheer

"Ice ice baby."