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MiraMija » Universes

Holiday Cheer Open

Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy.... They don't exist. Or do they? They do, and they are just as emotional as a human.

New Roommate Open

A new person is welcomed into the tightly knit apartment B on Boylston Street. Now it's three boys and one girl. They struggle though life and romance.

Unforgiving Love Open

An assassin. A lonely girl. Who would've thought that the two would ever get together?

A Real "Paranormal Activity" Moment Open

70% of people think that ghosts are real... but who can be sure? This little kid is almost certain they are real.

Pitiful Twins Open

A queen is forced to rule an unstable kingdom and her servant is her twin brother. Everyone wants her dead, and her brother will protect her with his life.

Two Plus One Does Not Equal Three Open

When two boys can't get enough of each other, it seems like nothing can tear them apart. But when one of the boy's grandmother dies and leave an adopted kid in their lap, they need to find a way to share responsibilities. ((closed))

Hashshashin Open

Assassins make their home in the 'New World' to try and rebuild their fractured brotherhood.

Nightmare Before Halloween Night Open

Nightmare Before Christmas was only a few days ago. Now the citizen of Halloween town have found themselves in another situation... They've become human.

Temporary Stay Open

A pair of siblings runs into your home and asks you if they could stay, but as their stay drags on... you begin to wonder where they are from.

Love Neko Closed

Tempted by an internet advertisement for a "Necoco" doll series, a man orders one on a whim, imagining a maid to show up on his doorstep. Instead he gets a scrappy looking boy who's an aggressive, tough-talking little brat.

More Than Just Friends Closed

A secret relationship among friends... one of them already dating. Another begging for the attention of her friend... How long will this go on before things explode? ((CLOSED))

Hunted No More Open

A heart breaking story. A corrupt government. And a guild of assassins. This can only lead to violence and betrayal.

Learning to Share Closed

YAOI: Two boys have been fighting over the same boy for years, until the two of them make a pact to share their love interest. They say share, you say threesome.

Three's A Crowd Open

When two boys can't get enough of each other, it seems like nothing can tear them apart. But when one of the boy's grandmother dies and leave an adopted kid in their lap, they need to find a way to share responsibilities. ((reopened for main seme))

Guiding Heroes Open

6 children take on the weight of the world, and try to save it from it's doom. They will go through happiness and sorrow as they face their biggest challenge yet.

The Horrors Inside Open

The Faustus Family is a large family full of adopted kids and true Faustus children. When the family decides to adopt an new child into their home, they start to learn that this child might just be their last.

Paranormal Harem Open

YAOI~ In Tremont High, 3 paranormal boys fight for the new kid in school, who just happens to be an incubus.

One Chance Open

Three boys fight hard for the girl of their dreams, or so they think.

Date with the Devil Open

You've made a deal with a demon, and there's no way you can back out of it now. (one on one)

Prison Hiest Open

A group of prisoners have been locked up in the most secure prison on earth. They have been locked up for murder, thieving, and hacking. They are too good for a regular prison.

A-Team Open

When crime plagues New York, the NYPD depends on the only ones who can stop it. The A-Team.

Slender Nightmare Open

He's watching... He's always watching... Will you be the first one to escape his grasp.

Complicated Love Open

There's always that gay stereotype, that gays are girly and love fasion. Not all gays are like that. Most of them are pretty normal and hard to pick out from a crowd.

Masked Protettori Open

16th century Italy. Inventions. Art. Politics. The Borgia. Cesare Borgia has been ruthless and cruel in his new rule over Italy. The only ones who will dare to stand against him, are the Masked Protettori (Masked Protectors).