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MissBrightside_ » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by MissBrightside_ as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Asa Lluic

Asa Lluic, located in Clarkton

as part of The E.T. Project


Character Portrait: Wil Avery

Wil Avery, located in Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural

as part of Gantz Academy for the Magic and Supernatural

Reserved, cold and distant, he stays in the shadows.

Character Portrait: Cubby & Luella

Cubby & Luella, located in The Amazon

as part of Amazon

Cubby~"Aw can't we just-" Luella~ "No."

Character Portrait: Eyon

Eyon, located in Japan

as part of Shattered pieces

"Let's burn this world to the ground."

Character Portrait: Ami Kyoto

Ami Kyoto, located in Yousaka High School

as part of My Letter

"Hey! I'm Ami. Let's be best friends!"

Character Portrait: Scarlet

Scarlet, located in Broken Bay City

as part of Artificial Heart

"I-I'm Scarlet, but everyone refers to me as the maid."

Character Portrait: Rowan Leah Pari

Rowan Leah Pari, located in The Streets Of Tamir

as part of Idax's Band Of Orphans

"All I want to do is to survive, to survive long enough so I can kill Bragon."

Character Portrait: Tiger-Lily

Tiger-Lily, located in The House

as part of Toys in the Attic

A 'Lalaloopsy' doll named after Tiger-Lily from Peter Pan.

Character Portrait: Sam Rolland

Sam Rolland, located in summer camp

as part of Camp Getaway

"Welcome to Camp Getaway."

Character Portrait: Eleanor Isis Roden

Eleanor Isis Roden, located in Modern Wild West

as part of A Handful of Dust

"It's funny how my biggest mistake is the only thing I've ever done right."

Character Portrait: Nicholas Gellar

Nicholas Gellar, located in Tour Bus

as part of Gold Morality

"Why be sad when you can be happy?"

Character Portrait: Tobi Amelie Vine

Tobi Amelie Vine, located in Copeland Institute, Copeland, South Carolina

as part of Copeland Institute for the Sexually Confused

"I'm not a bad person and always try to do my best, so why do you look at me as if I've done something terrible?"

Character Portrait: Natalia Beth Puckerman

Natalia Beth Puckerman, located in Lima, Ohio

as part of Glee: New Directions Reformed

"Mess with me and I'll make your life a living hell - That's a promise."

Character Portrait: Ava Louise Banks

Ava Louise Banks, located in Hogwarts

as part of Hogwarts: Next Generation

"There's only one place I'm meant to be, and that's in Gryffindor."

Character Portrait: Kei Mamoru Suzuki

Kei Mamoru Suzuki, located in Tokyo ; Japan

as part of Kokoro

"If you never give up, you never accept defeat."

Character Portrait: Lila Mei Kyoto

Lila Mei Kyoto, located in Liuena Academy

as part of Liuena Academy

"Got any sweets?"

Character Portrait: Alahya Godess of Music & Art

Alahya Godess of Music & Art, located in Lorgaine

as part of Gods in a New Age

"How dull this Earth would be without wondrous rhythms and exquisite art."~WIP

Character Portrait: Summer Cruorem

Summer Cruorem, located in Iowa

as part of The Vampire Codes


Character Portrait: Kathryn Adelais Caedis

Kathryn Adelais Caedis, located in Earth

as part of Long Short Story: Before The Day is Done

"If I have to fight, I will - But only for what's right."

Character Portrait: Mia & Maya Gold

Mia & Maya Gold, located in Cirque du Soir

as part of Cirque Du Soir

"Just because we're different, doesn't make us any less human."

Character Portrait: Priscilla

Priscilla, located in The Amazon

as part of Amazon

"It's all about appearances."

Character Portrait: Alice

Alice, located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

as part of Disney at Hogwarts

"At least I know who I WAS when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."

Character Portrait: Pearl

Pearl, located in Neverland

as part of Back to Neverland

"And who are you?"

Character Portrait: Matthew Harrison Lowe

Matthew Harrison Lowe, located in Sports Field

as part of Youth's New Chance

"This is what I chose, don't blame yourself."

Character Portrait: Yuri

Yuri, located in Glaurung HQ

as part of Fight for the World

"Don't get any closer."

Character Portrait: Reef

Reef, located in Neverland

as part of Back to Neverland

"Hey there, gorgeous."

Character Portrait: Daisy Anne Lowe

Daisy Anne Lowe, located in Sports Field

as part of Youth's New Chance

"I'm so sorry."~WIP

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Rose Johnson

Elizabeth Rose Johnson, located in England

as part of One year

"It matters not whether you win or lose, what matters is whether I win or lose."

Character Portrait: Yasmine Hikaro

Yasmine Hikaro, located in Cavous Academy

as part of Cavous Academy |

"Can't you see I'm trying to draw?"

Character Portrait: Dan and Dean Tweedle

Dan and Dean Tweedle, located in Wonderland

as part of Falling back to Wonderland

"Look, it's Tweedle Dan and Tweedle Dean not Tweedle Dum and Dee, how did you even- what were we saying?"

Character Portrait: Persephone

Persephone, located in The land of Thaiden

as part of The Guilded Cage: Slaves in need

A mute Neko with a very special power.

Character Portrait: Lila Hone

Lila Hone, located in The Limbs Market

as part of The Limbs Market

"I'm just a cripple to you."

Character Portrait: Daniel Vinyard

Daniel Vinyard, located in Seattle, Washington

as part of When Push Comes To Shove

"What you lookin' at?"

Character Portrait: Maya Lewis

Maya Lewis, located in Earth

as part of Godhood

"I can't believe it. This isn't possible. It's illogical.."

Character Portrait: Aimi Hikaru Riuzumi

Aimi Hikaru Riuzumi, located in The Bathhouse ; Realm of Spirits

as part of House of Youkai

"I'm not small..I'm 'petite'."

Character Portrait: Ezra Thorne

Ezra Thorne, located in New York

as part of The Mortal Instruments: The Circle has Risen

Here in the darkness, I know myself.

Character Portrait: Emmy Grohl

Emmy Grohl, located in Earth

as part of Rock n Roll, the Next Generation

Lead singer for Legion

Character Portrait: Gray Reynolds

Gray Reynolds, located in World

as part of Summer To End Them All

"I try more and more to be myself, caring relatively little whether people approve or disapprove."

Character Portrait: Nathan Youngblood

Nathan Youngblood, located in Crescent City

as part of Crescent City

'You don't want to cross me.'

Character Portrait: Brielle Kensington

Brielle Kensington, located in California

as part of The Cliques In High School

'I'm Queen here - Don't mess with that.' wip.

Character Portrait: Melissa Wilson

Melissa Wilson, located in Erudite Base

as part of The Divergents

A straight-forward girl who always tells the truth. She likes anything that will get her an adrenaline rush.

Character Portrait: Scarlett Lovelace

Scarlett Lovelace, located in Goldrush

as part of Lawless

"Don't underestimate me, just because I'm a woman."

Character Portrait: Sapphire Goldstein

Sapphire Goldstein, located in Hollow Shores

as part of An Unexpected Love

"Sleep now and let your dreams become nightmares."

Character Portrait: Nicholas Adams

Nicholas Adams, located in Heathglen

as part of Heathglen Academy

"What's done is done."

Character Portrait: Ember

Ember, located in The World

as part of Chaos Unleashed


Character Portrait: Anastasia Valentina Orlov

Anastasia Valentina Orlov, located in Regnif, Rhode Island

as part of Couples That Kill: The Initiation

"Love me, hate me - I don't care, just as long as you're thinking about me."~WIP

Character Portrait: Akihiko Hiroyuki Mori - Iko

Akihiko Hiroyuki Mori - Iko, located in The Bathhouse ; Realm of Spirits

as part of House of Youkai

"I never want to remember my name."

Character Portrait: Elvira Luella Sinnett

Elvira Luella Sinnett, located in London, England, 1888

as part of The White Chapel Murders

"Let's play a little game."

Character Portrait: Hana Keiko Yukimura

Hana Keiko Yukimura, located in Tokyo ; Japan

as part of Kokoro

"Mock me and we'll see who's laughing when you're coughing up a lung."

Character Portrait: Amelie Lydia Rowe

Amelie Lydia Rowe, located in Mcdunn Mansion

as part of Those Rolling Green Hills

"When you've been through as much heart-break as I have, you find it difficult to believe in love."~WIP

Character Portrait: Lila Roden

Lila Roden, located in Seattle

as part of Loving You

"No officer, I didn't do anything."

Character Portrait: Summer Vu

Summer Vu, located in Small town Illinois

as part of Post-postmortem

"That's so cool, it reminds me of this anime I was reading the other day.."

Character Portrait: Malissa Cohen

Malissa Cohen, located in Maldoy Academy

as part of Radioactive

"Don't ever try to tame me."~WIP

Character Portrait: Brett Winning

Brett Winning, located in Panem

as part of After The Games


Character Portrait: Clarissa Faye Right

Clarissa Faye Right, located in The Floating Lotus

as part of Behind the feathered mask

"Follow my lead."~Major WIP

Character Portrait: Brooke Amethyst Woods

Brooke Amethyst Woods, located in Thornlow

as part of Alpha + Human= ?

"Don't ever call me a 'little girl'."~WIP

Character Portrait: Felicity Rose Goodman

Felicity Rose Goodman, located in Thornlow

as part of Alpha + Human= ?

Patrick's twin sister.

Character Portrait: Ton

Ton, located in The House

as part of Toys in the Attic

A doll owned by Jack. He only got it because his sister got Tiger-Lily and Jack hates Ton.

Character Portrait: Aurora Luna Raden

Aurora Luna Raden, located in Regni Caelum

as part of Resurrection ~ A Second Chance

"Why am I still alive, What did I do to deserve this?"~WIP

Character Portrait: Callie Wright

Callie Wright, located in Earth

as part of Primrose Academy

"Just leave me alone."

Character Portrait: Melody

Melody, located in Belladona Acres/Bavarian

as part of I'm His Slave, I Belong to Him

"Let's just run away and be together, please."~WIP

Character Portrait: Ava Jane Wilson

Ava Jane Wilson, located in London

as part of That's what friends are for.

"Women can do anything men can do, and they can do it in heels."~WIP

Character Portrait: Ava Tawr

Ava Tawr, located in London

as part of Winsbury Apartments

"Hello darling."

Character Portrait: Naomi Genevieve Amorest

Naomi Genevieve Amorest, located in Asaydia

as part of Asaydia

"Hate me, love me. I couldn't care less as long as you're thinking about me."

Character Portrait: Ami Kyoko Suzuki

Ami Kyoko Suzuki, located in Mansion Le~ Karutarii

as part of Proper Etiquette 101: Third Semester

"Love me, hate me - I don't care, just as long as you're thinking about me."

Character Portrait: Oliver William Pari

Oliver William Pari, located in The Streets Of Tamir

as part of Idax's Band Of Orphans

"Rowan, I'm alive - I promise I'll see you, I won't ever stop searching."

Character Portrait: Daniel La Roux

Daniel La Roux, located in Westwick Hall

as part of Westwick Hall

"What is wrong with everyone? You're all conceited, narrow-minded, not-fit-for-royalty, class A bastards."

Character Portrait: Hazelle Mae Richards

Hazelle Mae Richards, located in America

as part of Project E.N.V.Y.

"You must look the part to be the part."~WIP

Character Portrait: Alice BOT #3490

Alice BOT #3490, located in Dystopian Earth

as part of The Shadows of the Future

"What can I get you?"

Character Portrait: Hana Tyson

Hana Tyson, located in Party Store

as part of Party Store

"N-No, please, stop."

Character Portrait: Hotaru Kyoko

Hotaru Kyoko, located in Modern Japan

as part of Clearing your Eyes

"No, I will not conform to what you want me to do or be, I am my own person."~Major WIP