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Mitzymoo6 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Mitzymoo6 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Glacer

Glacer, located in Claude

as part of Wait, WHAT?

A wolf when they didn't sprinkle Bolan on the animals

Character Portrait: Static

Static, located in Pokemon Island

as part of Pokemon: Wild and Trained

A wild Luxray that lives in the forest

Character Portrait: Joanne Leaves

Joanne Leaves, located in Camp Wagoon

as part of Camp Wagoon

Um...How do we stop them exactly?

Character Portrait: Nariko Izumi

Nariko Izumi, located in Boy Adoptions

as part of Neko/Inu/Kitsune Adoption

A Neko in the adoption centre. Her name means Thunder Spring.

Character Portrait: Avril Bucksworth

Avril Bucksworth, located in small little town in the usa

as part of Welcome to summertime

Tomboy who plays video games alot

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Elwood

Elizabeth Elwood, located in Earth

as part of Choose your life

A 16 year old girl who can turn into a wolf

Character Portrait: Emma Ray

Emma Ray, located in Camp Wagoon

as part of Camp Wagoon

Yeah sure, I'll do anything to get away from here. (The tomboy)

Character Portrait: Anna Reeds

Anna Reeds, located in Tokyo,Japan

as part of Mafia daughter

Best friend of Yuki and the Female Assassin

Character Portrait:

, located in small little town in the usa

as part of Welcome to summertime

Tomboy who plays video games alot

Character Portrait: Ringo

Ringo, located in Orphanage Of The Unique

as part of Orphanage Of The Unique

A young neko who follows a girl called Kioko

Character Portrait: Kioko

Kioko, located in Orphanage Of The Unique

as part of Orphanage Of The Unique

A neko who is followed by a neko called Ringo

Character Portrait: Eliza Redfearn

Eliza Redfearn, located in England

as part of Anima Moon

"Meh, its k."

Character Portrait: Mitzy Lockwood

Mitzy Lockwood, located in Earth

as part of Escaping from the dark

A wanted Demon

Character Portrait: Jessica Catt

Jessica Catt, located in Allora

as part of Trapped Within My Fantasy

"Woah, this is awesome!"

Character Portrait: Ray

Ray, located in M-GATE Academy

as part of Love is like Candy


Character Portrait: Jet Moon

Jet Moon, located in Battle Island Boarding school.

as part of Pokemon: Battle Island

"I'm gonna try my best to win!"

Character Portrait: Hoshi Makoto

Hoshi Makoto, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Tokyo Mew Mew: Next Generation

"Are you serious? You want me to go out there and save the world??"

Character Portrait: Tama Fujiroshi

Tama Fujiroshi, located in Cafe mew mew

as part of Tokyo Mew Mew Next Evolution

"Mew mew?? seriously??"

Character Portrait: Hazel

Hazel, located in The Forest of the north

as part of Take Over

A wolf from the forest of the north

Character Portrait: Mitzy

Mitzy, located in A small town built into the forest of Kita.

as part of House-Pet Wars

Black cat who lives in Kita

Character Portrait: Charlotte 'Charl' Jones

Charlotte 'Charl' Jones, located in The Earth

as part of 7 girls.....

Hey, Wanna hang out??

Character Portrait: Adale Hender

Adale Hender, located in Strangetown

as part of Standing up for what u belive in

We have to save my brother!!

Character Portrait: Sparkle

Sparkle, located in Arahcna

as part of Spider Riders SGHEISE

woot! yay for heros!!

Character Portrait: Firiel Dee

Firiel Dee, located in The Kingdom

as part of The good witch of the west im in competition? why didnt you tell me?

Character Portrait: Charlie (Charlene) Wilson

Charlie (Charlene) Wilson, located in Millenia

as part of Rainy Days

Sorry, her nickname is Charl not Charlie >.<

Character Portrait: Olivia Brown

Olivia Brown, located in Hill Valley

as part of Chosen Children

13- teleportation. Best friend of Kisa

Character Portrait: Latias

Latias, located in Underwater

as part of The Pokemon Adventures

I will help all Pokemon

Character Portrait: Alexandra Xavier

Alexandra Xavier, located in Stage

as part of Roleplays Got Talent!!!

If I can sing I can win!!

Character Portrait: Melissa Grayham

Melissa Grayham, located in Earth

as part of Imagination?

Don't think im not watching!

Character Portrait: Lucy

Lucy, located in Lawrence

as part of Cry for you as I Die for you


Character Portrait: Hoshi Takashi

Hoshi Takashi, located in Hakasen Academy

as part of Hakasen Academy

4th Grader

Character Portrait: Breeana Moonlight

Breeana Moonlight, located in Real-life

as part of Friends for life

One of the 3 girls.

Character Portrait: Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams, located in Carintha

as part of Carintha

A Mean Shapeshifter.

Character Portrait: Alianna Mckenzie

Alianna Mckenzie, located in Koriana

as part of Always who you are

A Vampire Girl who lives on the planet Koriana

Character Portrait: Charlie Eve Teddington

Charlie Eve Teddington, located in Tour Buses

as part of Lets Rock this World

Lead singer of Open Eyes.

Character Portrait: Lina Midnight

Lina Midnight, located in Alsmia

as part of Married!

Friend of the princess since nursery

Character Portrait: Lina Aarons

Lina Aarons, located in Jhenabackis

as part of Rise of the Ascendants

Court of Darkness

Character Portrait: Alice Hazel

Alice Hazel, located in Earth

as part of Your Destiny's Waiting

I'll prove them wrong!!

Character Portrait: Alissa Hargrave

Alissa Hargrave, located in USA

as part of Spence Boarding School

A shy girl who has just arrived at the boarding school

Character Portrait: Juliana Tallon

Juliana Tallon, located in Roleplay Highschool

as part of Fantasy High School

A girl who has started school

Character Portrait: Michi Yoo

Michi Yoo, located in Hospital

as part of Resident Evil: Biohazard Outbreak

I'm only little but i pack a punch.