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I was born in Middle-Earth and raised by the ever-so-nice Mr. Bilbo Baggins! Then, when I was the proper age, I left Bag-End and Hobbiton to live my own life. Suddenly, I was swept into Narnia and met Edmund Pevensie. We got married and ruled Narnia for ever so long and then we left for England.

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Molly Pevensie
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09 Aug 1997
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Pirates of the Caribbean Online
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— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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LotR - It Wasn't Destroyed After All

When everyone thought that all evil had been destroyed... it wasn't. The journey that Fellowship had taken almost one year in time, was actually, for nothing. It hadn't been destroyed at all.

Tropical Training

You and you're teenage friends have won a trip to a tropical island for six months. But it isn't an ordinary trip, when you reach the island, you find out that you are being trained to be agents. What will happen? It's all up to you!

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