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MotherDragons member of RPG for 8 years

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I enjoy to read, write, and roleplay with fanstasy/magic.
85,212 words written.
765 total posts.
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20 posts per roleplay.
18 average days in a roleplay.
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06 May 2008
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I am not sure. DX
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Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:46 pm
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Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:23 pm
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Universes Created

This Means War!!!

Zeus is a tyrant. You have been banished to Hades, and we're fighting back.

The Nightwalkers

Sex, Drugs, Blood, Vampires... this is what the world has come to. (All major characters are filled but pm me if you want to join still.)

Vampire Gang Wars

Two Households both alike in dignity. Both very powerful and both very dangerous. Too bad they can't work together. (Full)

The Fallen Gods and Goddesses

We have been kicked out of paradise and we have one year to find true love or we will be sent to hell to spend all of eternity.

Yo Ho! A Pirates Life for Me

I invite you, the three most ruthless pirates I know, to help me search for my father's buried treasure.

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirates Life for Me!

I invite you, the three most ruthless pirates I know, to help me search for my father's buried treasure.

Jollywood Asylum for the Mentally Insane

They know what you did. They saw the grief you caused those poor, innocent people. Now it's your time to pay.

The Nightwalkers Club

Sex...Drugs...Vampires... That's what the world has come to. Let me tell you the world has never been better.

The Dance of the Dragon

This is the life in a dragon training and rehabilitation camp.

A Clockwork Orange: The Next Generation

We are the next generation. Will we become like our fathers? Will resist the insanity? Will we be cured?

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