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Mr. Baneling Squishy member of RPG for 12 years

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I WUV ROLE PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also am good at making stories, games, and other shit.

I am a creator, mastermind, and possibly the causer of 2012
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Mr. Baneling Squishy
Behind you with a knife
Being a Dark Overlord.
Roleplays of many natures, Dragons, and Banelings.
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24 Jul 2000
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Many many things
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Any good story.

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Search for the Mystical Warrior of Erin Completed

[COMPLETED] ANOTHER INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE. 1944, the Nazi's are loosing the war. Their only hope is to find 4 magical items, discover the secret of their power and create an army of invincible warriors.

Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient Completed

Nebula's Dawn Series Part I: A state of the art ship crewed with greenhorns and raw meat is led by an experienced sea dog on its maiden voyage. [Complete]

The Reclaimers Completed

A Sword and Planet Fantasy taking place on M'Sal, where the deserts are wide and the dangers are plenty.

Universes Created

Fires of Revolution

A city full of conflict. A people oppressed. A police corrupted. With the fires of revolution burning brighter then ever, what role will you play in the coming events?

Deep Cover Operatives

You are a child of two spies, trained in various weapons, languages, and Spycraft since you were born. And you were taught to specialized in two areas. But now, the program has been compromised, and something is making a move. What will you do?

A Game of Magic: Defender

When one hundred children are taken from Earth's normal plane and into a place known as "The Astral Plane" or Zaael, it is up to these one hundred children to play this deadly "game", explore this world, and save both worlds.

Wishing Well

Once upon a time, magic existed in the world, but it was hunted and persecuted. Then, it just disappeared, believed to have died out. Until one day...

War of Legends

THe year is 2052. A war has ignited, but not by anyone we expected. For long time a group of people with a unique genetic combination have hidden among us, but now one of them are trying to conquer all...

Firefly: A different story.

An old CL-54 ship. An mentally unstable Engineer. A slightly unstable engine. A ragtag crew. What could possibly go wrong?

Warehouse 13: The Series

Roleplay as an OC joining the adventure, or a new warehouse agent (may accept people wanting to play some of the canon characters)

The Metahuman Story

We know the story of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, of Green Arrow and Aquaman. But what we have not truly seen the is real situation of the Metahumans in Metropolis.

Of Those We Know

In a world that has done its best to hide the existence of abnormality, soon the greatest secret of all times will become at risk. And a group of friends is right at its center.

The Seven: Horizons

You Are One Of 7. Your Ancestors Have Watched Over The Annex. Now, It Is Coming. You Must Be Ready. You Must Survive.

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Zak looked through the one way glass into the interrogation room, at Derek Adams. Zak Resdon read his file again, looking it over. It was his job to question Derek Adams loyalty, nothing more. He had the flight record from the ships Nav computer here in the report, but that did not mean he did not have time to sneak off on a shuttle, or secretly meet with someone by sneaking him on. Or any number of different ways to communicate.

He read over the file again, and then made his way into the hallway, and then entered the interrogation room. "Hello Derek Adams. Do you know why you are here?"

His answer did not really matter for the line of questioning, but he would try to make him think it did.

"Tell me, while searching the galaxy, what systems and planets did you fly to and visit? I want you to name every planet you searched..."

He took out a datapad and began taking notes on everything Derek Adams said, so it could be compared later. Lets see if you are as loyal as you claim to be...


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