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0.25 INK received for post #2414997, located in Solinus City:

"They say death is only the beginning. Well, if that place dies, then Solinus is the new beginning."

"Sounds like a fair motto, sir: 'New Beginning'"

"Initium Novum... "

A slick, black vehicle blurred through the streets, as it hovered only inches above the ground. A pleasant man, pressed in a chauffer's attire, drove it quietly though the night. The passenger listened to the meager hums at every turn the vehicle took. Thoughts infested his mind like a virus. Countless lights allowed a shadow to chase the car, before the red light finally demanded its stop. The sudden pause in this journey gave way to a message, as if the universe yearned for the passenger to savor this moment.

"The Varden...?" He repeated, staring down at the screen of his phone. He readjusted himself in the back seat. This man, however important, received orders just as his driver. Every being has a commander, it's just a matter of what. "George, take us to the coastline." He thumbed over the screen of his cellular device, clearly anxious to receive contact from the other end. To his relief, it began to ring.

The driver, George, always gained pleasure in putting the 'petal to the metal.' The tail exhausts emitted white hot flames, as the vehicle thrust forward at an exponential speed.

"Yes, will the units be there? ...I don't understand how I'm supposed to know where they are. ...How many are available?" A flicker of audacious fear hushed his mouth. His 'commander' was on the line. "I... understand. We'll reach the coastline in seven minutes." The call ended, and the man gritted his teeth in disgust of himself, lest he be rebuked into death. What did his master request?


Seven minutes passed, and the vehicle had finally arrived the land's sandy border. The obedient man, whom was dressed in an astute grey suit, had stepped out and drew closer to the breaking waves of the Solinus coast. Beneath the sea, a light illuminated the water; like a diamond treasure, which gave signal of its discovery. The aquatic life-forms scurried, as the very whole of the sea began to vibrate. Slight ripples carried resounding hums to the shoreline. The man could feel it slinking from the tips of his toes to the center of his chest. An earthquake would be the first thought to those ignorant minds, but none of that destruction was enjoyed, tonight. Large waves sucked in the tide, and the jewel of the Solinus rose from the depths. An ornate aura beamed from its core. It was a pure mysticality in the eyes of a logical man. One might even think it to be a natural glacier, which miraculously attracted the northern lights. However, a fantastic mind created this holy mound.

"Who could ever think man's creation could envision something so beautiful?" The pleasantly old driver stepped out from the car to spot the blessed sight he had witnessed so many times, before.

"You always have something to say, George." The suited man replied.

The structure continued to rise higher, as capes of water slid off its brutal edges. The crystal mountain produced a frequency to reach outbounds of the planet's atmosphere for the Varden to receive. Though, it might possibly be acquired by the Terran forces, as well.

The broadcast, as followed, was an encrypted invitation to the Varden: -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / .. -. ...- .. - . -.. / - --- / - .... .. ... / -.-. .. - -.-- / ..-. --- .-. / .--. --- .-.. .. - .. -.-. .- .-.. / -. . --. --- - .. .- - .. --- -. ... .-.-.- / .--. .-.. . .- ... . / .- .-. .-. .. ...- . / .-- .. - .... .. -. / ... .. -..- / .... --- ..- .-. ... .-.-.- / .--. .- ... ... .- --. . / .. ... / --. .-. .- -. - . -.. .-.-.-


"Mister Wolf, do we wait?" George asked, hesitant in his regard.

"No. We're going out there." Terrence turned away from the illustrious art of light, rubbing at his eyes, after the fact.

An opaque path rose from the water, which in-turn connected to the boisterous object at sea. The solid path cut ten feet above the sea-level, which dripped down into a ramp at the shoreline. It would all vanish by the dawn's light; six hours remained for the Varden.

"Tag, you're it."

0.25 INK received for post #2420036, located in Solinus City:

"Welcome to Solinus, this is the 'head of state.' Please identify yourselves." A smooth voice committed itself to this diplomatic process with a simple request. The dwelling sender of the frequency had now presented audio communication to the Varden. It seemed a mystery, at first, but the signal could be clearly identified at its point of origin: the mountainous, crystal-like structure just off the Eastern Seaboard.

Meanwhile, the "berg," towering seventy stories high and spanning nearly a mile across, remained steadfast against the current. Its light was composed of colorful auras, which illuminated the starry sky as a blessing from above. Any mind might wonder why angels had not fluttered down to greet this structure in its inexplicable glory.