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I am a young girl who secretly wishes to be goth, or a gay boy:)
when i was inside my mom they said i was a boy but i came out a girl.
call me Eli or Alfred. i enjoy role-playing America, Russia, South Italy, and Japan from Hetalia. i Role-play Tsuna (from KHR) sometimes. me and my sister have been roleplaying since i can remember, our daily life is roleplaying >.<
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Interest:Tsunayoshi Sawada,Hyper dying will mode, Seme!Tsuna,Skull,Skulls, Anime, Manga, Asia, Russia, Death, Yaoi, Yuri, Incest, KHR, Bleach etc Kids(not in real life):Eiji, Kiyoshi, Elijah, Austin. Family:Adrian Miyahara Haller, 2 unkown sisters. I can do "Kufufu" and "Ushishi" In real life. Wanna know some crazy stuff about me? I like, Organs, Blood, Hearts, Dead Bodies, Scary stuff.
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18 Jun 2002
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Stained Red

'She cowered in fear as he held the hatchet overhead, he pulled back ready for a swing. He looked her in the eyes "You know what it is...."' [rest inside]

Vongola Primo

This is the Bloopers of how normal Daily life goes for the First Generation's of The Vongola Family. ((NEEDS CHARACTERS SOON!!))

Night of Bloodlust

Six Children. Four Teenagers. Four Adults. One town. How will it all end....? ((Needs 12 people))

Better Off....*Stained Side*

She was better off not having anything she has... *this is a weekend roleplay*((NEEDS 2 PEOPLE, HURRY))

Mentality's Break

What happened to you? Whats that? You say your Mentality broke? ((FULL))

Best Friends

Four best friends end up loving one another in one big square. But when a person with a shocking secret......(more info inside)

No Longer The Sane

Your living a lie. Everything was all in your head. You have no family. You have no Friends. Nothing matters anymore, because you'd rather eat yourself.

Hetalia World Series

Every Nation is heading to the World Meeting. *Read rules and Intro Before submitting an application*

Mario and Luigi; New Generation

In The Mushroom Kingdom there has been an accident now we need some new heroes or perhaps a heroine.....

Could it be any Worse?

The story of how it could get any worse, *go inside to see more*((2 SPOTS OPEN JOIN AND HURRY!!))

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