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Successfully created a universe for others.

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Universes Created

Camp of the Dead -Revamp-

Six young adults hear about an abandoned camp and choose to visit it in hopes of finding something. But when they figure out they can't leave, what will happen?

The Mysterious Storm

In the lands of a planet known as Dehlihah many storms arrive causing damage to the land. Many different kinds of species live here. Human, vampire, demon, shapeshifter. Whatever it is you name it.

A Battle for Love

1x1 with Lvdwilt2000 and myself. Feel free to follow along.

Lawton Mills University

This college is a place where almost everyone can be pleased and fit in. Along with that though, it's also a place filled with drama, romance, and parties. Where will you fit in?

Experimental Asylum

Many people are taken from their homes by individuals in black cloaks called the Black Mists. They are put into an asylum to be experimented on.

Kidnapped and in Love

Private 1x1 between Mysterious Fox and Annalee2010

A Love Impossible?

1x1 with Lvdwilt2000 and Mysterious Fox.

Hawaii Vacation

Ten friends go off to Hawaii for a vacation from their everyday life. During the vacation secrets are revealed and friendships are questionable! CHARACTERS NEEDED!

Lawton Wood Summer Camp

The camp that all high school teens dread to be sent to by their parents! It's a place where they'll have no internet reception and be forced to interact with teens they've never met before or hated. STILL ACCEPTING CHARACTERS!

The Unwelcome Storm

In this land filled with many creatures you wouldn't find in our world today, many storms seem to come and wreck their lands. Making it hard for them to survive. Will you be able to survive these storms? And even make some friends?

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