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A list of fictonal characters written by Nakesnake as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Sean Shisteina

Sean Shisteina, located in Vintu

as part of The Multiverse

I can only imagine such small things happen all at once, it's a pain

Character Portrait: Ariata

Ariata, located in New Canton

as part of The Multiverse

Evil is unspectacular and always human And shares our bed and eats at our own table

Character Portrait: Yoshimune Shimazu

Yoshimune Shimazu, located in The Pokemon Trainer's Academy

as part of The Multiverse

You can't catch something that you can't see.

Character Portrait: Juri Harumo

Juri Harumo, located in Rural Japan, 1960

as part of Rural Japan

"Sorry ladies, but I'm gay"

Character Portrait: Rivialle Kohinita

Rivialle Kohinita, located in DWMA

as part of Eat a Soul

"There is no point in fighting for your cause when you're in near death, so just sleep"

Character Portrait: Sukuna Gojo

Sukuna Gojo, located in Eastern Wing City

as part of The Multiverse

Is that really all you've got? Frankly, I hate winning points when it's too easy.

Character Portrait: Hisamatsu Katamune

Hisamatsu Katamune, located in Sanctum City

as part of Gatewatchers

"Sometimes you just got to put on a mask, to keep what you really are a secret"

Character Portrait: ѕαιкαι

ѕαιкαι, located in DWMA

as part of Eat a Soul

Character Portrait: Keith Sashia

Keith Sashia, located in Cryo

as part of The Multiverse

Survey Corps stratigis

Character Portrait: Nagasaki Narishige

Nagasaki Narishige, located in Universe

as part of DB: Limitless

If you are not strong, then how will you ever survive in a wold like this?