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There's not much to say about me. I like to RP,and I do it quite often. All my characters are a part of personality. so yeah :) I'm always friendly and I enjoy trying new roles. I don't mind playing more than one character, so if you need more than one, let me know and I'll make another for an RP.

I don't hate on RPing skills, I just have rules to all of them.
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Nami L'Chi
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03 May 2010
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Second Life
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Fantasy or Real Life

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Universes Created

The Devil's Circus

Sometimes it only takes one moment, one wrong movement of a hand or a fleeting lapse in judgement, to drastically change the course of the future.

Along Came Alice

Laura Raymond is a sexy, short and lovable actor from the seaside. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Alice Cox, a curvy, stunning woman with a passion for music...and a mystery that seems to unfold before Laura's eyes

Face Everything And Rise

The Rebels are lead by only the bravest, for only the brave can hold out against the Power. The Power has taken away and burned all guns and modern weapons. Fight with them to gain their freedom, help them prove that they are destined to rise.

Becoming Human

It's not the perfect snowy town that should worry you, it's what dwells in the apartments, towering above.

Sea Dreams

A mermaid moves to the land, and finds a whole new... world... ( I swear this is not disney related at all... *hums the tune of A Whole New World* :D

It's a Masquerade

Sometimes, you gotta embrace the past to live in the present to prepare for the future.

My Eternal Moon

The goddess must break her own rules, go behind her husbands back, and make things right for all the races living under their domain. The fighting must stop... but at what cost? Friendship? Love? Death? (MALE SPOTS ARE OPEN...)

The Cursed Circus

Sometimes it only takes one moment, one wrong movement of a hand or a fleeting lapse in judgement, to drastically change the course of the future.

Mad Love

You don't know you've fallen in love with someone until its too late. Love changes you in so many ways... sometimes... it drives you mad.... WIPPPPP

Dragon Age: The Dark Age

the Wardens had been a strong peoples, until the Blight hit that sent them into the dark ages for good... the darkspawn have been destroying roads after roads, cities after cities....[click for more information]

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