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There's not much to say about me. I like to RP,and I do it quite often. All my characters are a part of personality. so yeah :) I'm always friendly and I enjoy trying new roles. I don't mind playing more than one character, so if you need more than one, let me know and I'll make another for an RP.

I don't hate on RPing skills, I just have rules to all of them.
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Nami L'Chi
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03 May 2010
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Second Life
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Fantasy or Real Life

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Universes Created

Mad Love

You don't know you've fallen in love with someone until its too late. Love changes you in so many ways... sometimes... it drives you mad.... WIPPPPP

Wretched and Divine: The Wild Ones

It is time to overthrow the government! Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone, because if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything! TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOM!

Animorphs 2.0: The Traitor

A 1x1 between Nami L'Chi and xShishiox

Fatal Attraction

Cash comes quick when looks can kill...If death brought us together then we'll be together till death does us apart, right? [Click for more information!]

A King Of Kitsune

The King of Kitsune learns of a plot to his death. Now he hunts for the assassine but his assassin is hunting for him

The Seven Vices

The angels once protected the earth. That was until the Sins came along and Vanguished them making this place Hell on Earth.

Angels Hands are Tied

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, three things that seem to happen when an Angels hands are tied... three different lives, three different will they end? Happy, or Tragic? That choice is yours...

Midnight Tease

A love that never tasted so good. A brother protecting the one he loves. An evil king ready to meet his doom. She never knew what she was getting into when he bit her and left his mark...for good.

All about the Money

He's a elf, she's a mermaid. Both are cursed. Both are on the run... how do you run from your own government who's been trained to keep eyes on you?

Becoming Human

It's not the perfect snowy town that should worry you, it's what dwells in the apartments, towering above.

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