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Cosa Nostra Closed

As good as dead. If you find people to start it up, then contact me :p

Roman Citizen Closed

Roman Citizen. That was once one of the noblest things you could be. Once? Could? You are there. In the years of the republics birth. 139 BC. It's time for you, to rise for power.

Treasure - City of Dawn Closed

Some said, that Atlantis never existed. They were wrong. And now that it's been discovered, treasure hunters arrive. But they aren't alone, for monsters creep the place...

In The Ashes Of Man Closed

After an all-out nuclear war, the world is beginning to wake up again. Although civilization doesn't seem to come back at all.

Roman Lands Closed

Life is never dull on a farm, and certainly not a patrician farm. This is a history of old, with intrigues and love, and all roads lead to Rome.

Fallout Reborn: The Faction Wars Closed

A Fallout story. Play as either a Faction, or as an individual, and explore the potentional of the wastes.

In a Mythical Land Closed

Create your character, and jump into a world that will be expanding as you explore it. A Roleplay in D&D style! Complete with an idiotic Game Master! [Not entirely done yet. Feel free to take a peek.]

Over the Rhine Closed

In the victorian era many countries fought for dominance over Europe, and for the place as the ultimately strongest Great Power. Join in and travel along on an epic quest to save Europe from a destructive war.

Avanti Italia - Politics Closed

In the 19th century, many things can happen in Italy, and this might change the course for Europe... for ever! Join in, and help guide Italy, towards a glorious and prosperous future.

Bloodied Terra Closed

Under Construction

In Pursuit of a Wanderer Open

A great war left the world shattered and torn to pieces, but humanity survived. A Wanderer travel this wasteland, and in his wake follows a piece of his past...