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Hi. I'm Natzalia, or Nat for short. I'm really into Zombie role plays, fantasy, and anything with an unexpected twist. Natzalia (pronounced Nat-zal-eyah) is a bad ass, a bitch, but also a hopeless romantic. Sometimes, I do refer to myself in the third person, but no worries, I know not to do it in role plays :D
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13 Apr 1912
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Zombie, Vampire, Romance, Fantasy
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Universes Created

Running of the Wolves

Two tribes, living on opposite sides of the United States, converge into one tribe when a plauge ravages them and leaves on tribe with all females, and one tribe with all males.

The Young Avengers

The Avengers usually stay out of the lives of their children (who live at Stark Tower) and stay working with the CIA. What happens when the Avengers get kidnapped? The children step up, and start the Young Avengers.

Lions and Tigers and...Zombies?

New Orleans, the beginning of the end of the world. Aka? Zombies.

True Love and a Baby

Four couples meet in a Lamaze class, but the catch? One couple is gay and have a surrogate, one couple are teenagers, one couple are having twins, and one couple are interracial. How can it end for everyone?

A New Tribe

Two wolf packs, thrown together by a terrible fate. How will they manage when they realize that, in order to survive, they need eachother?

Flying with Broken Wings

Deseray grew up in an abusive home, her alcoholic father beating her on a daily basis. But what happens when some unknown relatives take her in, and tell her they're vampires?

Story of a Girl

Just a normal life living in an Amish community...but what happens when one girl gets pregnant?

A Poisoned House

London, 1850. You either work in or are a part of a large household, Gregor House, owned by Lord and Lady Gregor, shipping tycoons. What will you discover?

What Could Be Worse?...Zombies....

A Zombie role play! (see inside for more details!)

The Merging of Legend

(private 1x1 between Natzalia and bandgeek) two vampire covens, seperated by an accident and a misunderstanding, are now in the hand of two teenage foster kids.

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