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Theology 101 Open

[Private] The family you come from isn't as important as the family you're going to have.

Pokémon: Atonement Open

[Private] People find meaning and redemption in the most unusual human connections.

Fire Emblem: Apotheosis Open

[Private] Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

Estolia City Pending Closure

[Private] - In Estolia City, humans and metahumans strive to build a better tomorrow... even if some of them happen to be villains.

Godsend Pending Closure

[Private] - Even Gods can be punished... by their parents.

Pokémon: Ambitions Pending Closure

[Private] - Twenty five years ago, Team Rocket ruled the world, and governed trainer licenses. Since their downfall, new laws have emerged, and new journeys are about to begin.

Kismet Closed


Pokémon: Absolution Completed

[Complete] - Team Rocket has achieved domination of the Pokémon world. It is they who control who receives a Pokémon, who can achieve their dreams, however; even with their good intentions, there are those who would still oppose them. Even from within.

Malediction of the Condemned Closed

[Private] - Estolia. It is a land of beauty and grace, but beneath that façade lies a bitter truth. The darkness distorts everything it touches, even the hearts that were once pure.