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SpellKraft: The Beginning Open

Wizards train in an alternate universe to fight off a realm-destroying shadow entity.

Pokemon Jade, Opal, and Topaz Version Open

In the Pento region, it's your dream to become the greatest Pokemon trainer. Face the eight gym leaders, but beware. An evil threat lies waiting in the shadows....

Mythic Defense League Open

In the epic struggle against evil, a select few with the gifts of powers will fight to protect mortals from the dark forces

Halo: Rise of Reach Open

Planet Reach fell in 2552. 10 years later, a spartan alliance has formed, led by John-117, is dropped onto Reach in hopes of reobtaining the lost planet. This is your mission....make us proud. (STARTED, STILL ACCEPTING :D)

Gears of War: Aftermath Open

In the aftermath of the COG's war with the Locust, there is far more to be done. Will you help the COG end the war or will you help the Locust restart the war?

Risen Hell: Global Frost Open

As Glacier obtains the throne, the Cryomancers obtain the upper hand....but there is far more than meets the eye. Can you help return balance and end this war? (This is Part 2 of a 3-part roleplay series)

Risen Hell: Remorse of Warfare Open

In the endless warfare between fire and ice, which side will you join?

Quest Hero Open

Pick a class, pick some quests, learn some skills, join a guild, become the greatest Quest Master.

Sailor Moon - Galactic Force Open

The Sailor Scouts set off on a new generation of baddies from the Negaforce and other evils haunting Earth.

Megaman Battle Network - Network Mania Open

Ever wish you could travel the world with your own personal net navi? Join this RP and battle with your net navi to face the return of WWW

Fullmetal Alchemist - The Second Era Open

Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse are back for another grand featuring of Fullmetal Alchemist. With brand new homonculus, new state alchemists, and a new wave of resistance, which side will you take?

Pokemon Jade & Opal Version Open

Come explore this new region full of new trainers, new pokemon, new threats, and new lands. [Still running and accepting NEW trainers!! :D]