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The Rough Riders

An evil ruler known as Sephirothi has taken over the Kingdom. It's up to the Rough Riders to try and take them down. Will you join The Rough Riders or The Master Assasins? (Accepting good and evil characters. Be dedicated.)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Defenders of Purity

When the Pokemon island of Mohka falls into chaos, a team of four humans transformed into Pokemon must restore the balance!

Abercrombie's Magical Mystery

When 10 students find themselves locked in a hotel, they discover that not all is what it seems. To escape, they have to discover something about themselves and a magician...

The Last Valkyries

Within a war between Angels and Demons, one neutral race must stop the fighting before their land is destroyed...and they perish along with it.(Accepting, but be comitted)

The Malachai: Reborn

Five friends live an ordinary life in Pewter City until two realizations hit them: They have supernatural abilities. And the three clans that run the town are after them...

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Isle Defenders

(A REAL ROLEPLAY! NOT A STORAGE!) When the Islands of Mohka throw the Pokemon World into Chaos, it's up to a former human to restore the balance.

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(collaboration by NeverEndingFlip and LookingAtPerks)

Altian smiled at his friend as he glanced among the crowd, his gaze resting on the judging booth, "Well...there's no rule saying we can't work together yet. I'm all ears! What'cha got?"

"Alright!" Emry shouted, and then began to think. Which in retrospect, while it wasn't like he was dumb, what tended to happen in cases like this... "Okay! I think we should go with a big wazoo! And then crackle crackle with some pshiii, followed by fwooosh and bams and krataw! Oh, and then some buuble buuble for good measure, followed by more crackle in a big swirl overhead, with some kachink and sploosh!"

That is what happened. Emerin's mind was....unique.

But Altian, having been around the blue-haired wonder for a while, knew that while he couldn't understand what he was saying, he definitely had an awesome plan in mind involving some sky stuff, "Then let's do it! I'll follow your lead."

That was how they worked. Emerin enjoyed creating the huge shows, casting the powerful spells and conjuring the most brilliantly awe-inspiring stuff few could think of. Altian refined the edges, making things smoother and more practical, and bringing Emerin's imagination to life.

The moment he agreed to it, Emerin immediately started working on what had to be largest collection of mana ever conceived. Not as in mana capacity, nor the amount of mana a wizard could gather inside him. What he was doing was gathering the mana into a gigantic ball in his hands, a relatively pointless and almost moronic activity normally. However, what Emerin did next caused everyone to change their minds.

He smashed his hands together while holding that massive chunk of mana, and this caused it to burst out into the sky in a form of a vortex, creating a sort of waaa noise around it while a zoo noise rhythmically went down the center, meshing into an unusual but appealing melody. And then, he added a large amount of lightning into the vortex, following the trails of mana he created, and formed a vortex of lightning and colorful transparent hue with a huge beam down the center.

And this was followed by wind magic, zipping around and around and causing the vortex to shift and shape, making it a fluid ever-changing structure instead of something static. And it caused some reactions, making the mana light up in all sorts of colors. From all sides, the light show flowed and twirled with a pattern that made a spectacle.

Of course, if one was not careful, it would probably run totally out of control and maybe explode.

But that was why Altian was there. As quickly as the vortex could become unstable, he would spot the uneven ebbs and flows of pure mana around them and correct it. Sometimes it meant throwing a bit of wind magic in one spot to push it along, sometimes it meant actively manipulating the mana in the air to keep the swirl smooth and non-clustered. The melody set a cool and relaxing tone, Altian realized, recognizing the potential to do some cool stuff.

He took some liberties and started shifting the raw magic power around them with his dominant hand, using some more wind magic to spawn miniature twisters from the vortex. A total of six touched down and began circling the duo, drawing the audience's attention back to them. With his non-dominant hand, he continued to keep the vortex under control within the new facets of spawning several wind towers created out of pure mana. The six twisters split apart, creating twelve, then twenty-four, growing smaller after each split. The cords of wind themselves would appear synchronized as they moved, twirling around Emry and Alt and bending in several interesting and chaotic ways...but it never felt too out of control.

"Emry! We can use the mana in the air!" he called delightedly as the twisters around them started to converge into two funnels, making it look like they were inside a massive, shimmering candy cane as it spun, "We can turn it into stuff!"

As Altian said that, some playful ideas formed in Emerin's head. As the funnels began to shrink and dissipate, he began to twist and shape the mana in new ways, deliberately this time, and began to create a stage with the two of them at the center. Compared to before, he shifted it in a purposeful way to make sure that all the eyes would see them at the center of the magic, and created decorations of simple design around them. Funnels, loops, and all sorts of other things, while maintaining the base core of it. The lightning sparked and cracked around them, the wind swept and sung, and now fire of various colors was added to the mix to bring a brilliant flare. It added more effort and work to maintain, but it began to form into the start of a brilliant display.

"Then let's really spice it up!" Emerin replied, with a full on grin.

"I'm glad you said that," Altian winked as he rubbed his fingers, a few sparks emanating and falling to the stage beneath them.

His attention turned towards one of the loop-de-loops. Pulling out the pen resting on top of his ear, he clicked it, letting it morph into the shape he desired: a short, smooth stick with a hilt on the end he was holding (A.K.A. a wand). He muttered an incantation and flicked his wrist, pointing the tip at the loop he was focused on. As if a metamorphosis had occurred, the loop suddenly gave way, falling away into a sort of magical dust. In it's place was a mid-sized, elegantly slender rainbow dragon. It's beard was white and magnificently long and it's body closely resembled something like a snake or a leviathan. It's scales were rainbow-colored and seemed to shimmer magical dust like a fairy. There would be no classification of species for this particular dragon as one didn't exist of it's kind. It was completely made up by the imagination of a twelve year old boy, after all.

With a flick of the wrist and a wave of the hand, the dragon started flying through the air, doing loops and corkscrews and all kind of crazy tricks. It even flew by the close that the spectators could touch the raw energy that passed them. Eventually, it barreled over to where Alt and Emry were standing. But Altian had control and he had a plan in mind.

"Hop on!" he cried gleefully as he took Emerin's hand and jumped onto the dragon.

Immediately they were airborne. The Dragon was undeterred by the new presence on it's back and continued it's routine. But for the two boys, it was like a roller-coaster ride, zigging and zagging all over the place. Once more, they passed over the audience, only this time it would be Altian and Emerin reach out to slap fives with the spectators, immersing them in the experience. It was pure controlled chaos.

Altian glanced up at the sky and noticed the massive mana pool was suddenly severely depleted, having been used to fuel their wonderfully thrilling creation. It was still huge, but not nearly as big as before and it seemed to be shrinking fast!

"Emry-Shu!" he pointed as they rode, "We need a big finale! Something that can use up all that mana!"

Seeing an opportunity in mind, Emerin quickly grabbed Altian's hand and smiled at his idea. "Just hold on tight, and make sure to keep us balanced!"

What he said might have been odd at first, but then what he did next explained it all. Emerin went for the grand finale of the performance, with the dragon taking them down and then up, the mana forming an even stronger vortex that they went up through the center of. The dragon stopped after it reached the top of the vortex of lightning and mana and wind and fire around them, extending its head which now carried Emerin and Altian on, as it breathed out an array of breath that turned into sparkling glitter like particles around them, causing the vortex to burst out into this as well. Like a vacuum, the cloud of colorful mana above them absorbed itself into the dragon and out the mouth, fueling the beast's breath.

And in the center, Emerin and Altian were in a rather meaningful and heartwarming position. The two had their feet planted on opposite sides of the dragon, and both were at an angle where they would fall off, if they were not holding each other's hands. Of course, because each human being was different in some way, Emerin and Altian had to use some magic to keep up the actual balance, but from the perspective of the audience, it looked like they were keeping each other perfectly balanced through will and teamwork alone and the light show floated down around them.

They kept up this position for a bit, until it was finally time to lower themselves down and let someone else use that part of the stage. The dragon slowly disappeared into a blend of sparkles and glitters that rained down with all the others. Despite this, the two boys seemed to gently float down like a feather until their feet hit solid earth.

"Well I think that went really well!" he said, probably unaware the sheer amount of time Altian stopped the entire thing from exploding...

Altian was breathless after the excitement, effort, and overall mana strain on his body, ", we should've brought the staff you got at the underground library! I bet we could've done some REALLY cool stuff!"

"Oh yeah! Wait, maybe I could get it to come now!" Emerin said, raising his hand into the air. The staff was supposed to have an automatic recall if he called for it but... "Oh, it might be out of range. Oh well".

...and on that note, Allo was also glad to see them done, having recieved various visions and what not about the potential chaos that could have been caused each time before Altian dealt with it.

0.25 INK received for post #2774289, located in Indigo Plateau:

Winter sat in the Champion's chamber, more befuddled than ever before.

His brow was furrowed as he thought, trying to call upon all the wisdom he had gained in his lifetime. He was sixteen, but he certainly had been through a lot. Having started his Pokemon journey six years ago, his run-ins with baddies had seemed countless. A few Team Rocket associates, like everyone else, but also the usual challenges from other trainers, the bullies that he ran into for the first couple years until the gap between him and them was overwhelmingly vast, the folks in that lab. Even his modern day adventures since donning the title had been numerous and impressive: a challenge by the strange dark-type user, the fight against that shady gang of Pokemon outside Lavender Town, and his greatest accomplishment yet, dealing with the same foe that had struck down Titania so many years ago and coming to a peaceful resolution. In his two year tenure as Champion, he had long lived up to...maybe even surpassed his predecessor.

But this was something different entirely.

"Squir squir?" his greatest companion, Lucky, tugged on his leg. Maybe take a break? his eyes seemed to say.

Winter sighed as he lowered the note in his hand slightly, "I know buddy. But I've got to try and figure this out. I have a feeling the next few days are going to be rough and I need to be as prepared as I can be."

He patted the Squirtle on the head as he waddled off. He smiled at his friend before he glanced back towards the note...the note sent to him in secret. And when he'd discovered it sitting in his chair, he knew immediately who it belonged to, given that he was the only one who wrote notes.

Winter Sakkio,

I'm afraid things may be falling into disarray as I am writing you this letter. Given the circumstances, I want to think that things will be alright. But with each passing moment, it is looking less and less like that outcome will be ours. At least for the time being.

If the news hasn't reach you by now, then be warned. A powerful adversary has taken the throne and is now assumed the title of Grand Champion. As a single Pokemon, she has enough power to wipe our Unovan Champion's entire team with apparent ease. She is ruthless, cruel, and will stop at nothing to obtain absolute control over anything and everything. She has already dealt with her trainer in bloody fashion and I fear her rampage is merely beginning.

Winter, you must resist her advances at every turn you get. Do not trust her words or her intentions. She only wants the world in her control. Find The Iron Maiden and gather your Elite Four together as well as the strongest trainers you can find and prepare for an assault. You must do this without raising the suspicions of the queen and the assets she controls. Trust that other regions will be doing the same. You will know when it is time for us all to meet.

Do not reply to this letter. Do not try to reach out to me. Making contact would being unwanted attention to me and my plans. We are possibly the last spark the planet has. I hope you will help us save it.

P.S. : Do shred this letter.

The Indigo Champion sighed as he finally started ripping apart the note, tearing it into bits. Of course the news had already reached him, like it had to everyone. He had just gotten done watching Queen Melaine's speech and had the fight playing in the background. Every time he turned to look, he tried to analyze what she was doing, trying to spot some hole in her armor...some weakness to exploit. But so far, all he saw were advantages. He knew Status-effects were almost worthless, given the Magic Bounce he'd spotted earlier. But apart from the instant KO strikes, he didn't have an answer...yet.

He'd keep trying.

In the meantime, his instructions had already been passed out. The Elite Four were out, gathering the strongest trainers they'd fought against. The only one he had yet to make contact with was Titania. In his mind, he was debating her usability in this conflict. While he had trust the Iron Maiden was more than capable in this fight, there was still that question of her being mentally compromised by her shortcomings. The feeling hadn't been there initially during his starstruck moments with the former Champion, but it had built over time. And so remained the lingering thought pestering the back of his head...

If he called her, which Titania was he going to get?

Standing up, he walked the paper shreds over to the wastebasket by his desk and dumped them all in. Then, he glanced at his PokeDex and started scrolling through the contacts list, trying to find another person he could potentially get in touch with. Regardless of his thoughts or concerns, he may have to get her involved, he thought. This threat may be bigger than any concerns he may have over the health and well being of Titania Brightsmith.

0.25 INK received for post #2775315, located in Kalos:

Somewhere in the Kalos Region...

The laboratory she had been given by the Psychic Rebellion was spacious and expansive...a playground for her innovation and creativity to mess around with. The design was surprisingly in-depth, the floors being made out of smooth stone rather than dirt. She had to bring her own tools and machines , of course, but the fact that there were even desks to draw out plans, tables designed to organize these was impressive. They had even given her the rights to their own Pokemon force, telling her they could call upon them for help whenever she needed it. The offer was kind, but she hadn't taken them up on it just yet. She mostly preferred to work alone.

Despite working solo in such a laboratory, Lucy Reginald's immense power allowed her the ability to perform the work of hundreds. Objects floated to and from different stations almost on their own accord, performing tasks of varying simplicity while the human woman with the half-shaved head was focused on tinkering with a particular device. To her right, untouched ever since she brought it here, was a large block of solid igneous rock. The casket she had stolen from the Reginald Catacombs.

The primary item of her focus was an unusual-looking machine. She appeared to be tinkering with the inner workings. All across a nearby desk were some half-filled bottles filled with varying berry juice mixtures. A lot of them didn't look quite right.

After a moment, one empty bottle hovered over, as well as a collection of berries from a nearby crate. Lucy Reginald had harvested them earlier that day, so they were perfectly fresh. After closing up the machine chassis, the floating bottle secured itself to a nozzle, and the berries entered some input funnel. With a motionless flick of the switch, the machine whirred to life, courtesy of a small generator of Lucy's own design. The generator did not appear to require fuel, implicating something... darker...

After a minute, the bottle began to fill with an appealing green fluid. Lucy smiled. She then brought some more bottles and berries over to make sure the first try was not just a fluke. Sure enough, the bottles filled with the same green liquid. After repeated tests and fills, Lucy slapped a label on the machine, which read "FULL RESTORE"

"You certainly made yourself at home," Sonya called to Lucy from the entrance, looking around at the number of machines she had brought. She was used to the Meowstic's snarky greetings and thought nothing of them anymore. But even with her usual stoic (or angry) expressions, there was a look of marvel in her eyes as she lay witness to her stockade of equipment. She was impressed.

The filled bottles of Full Restore hovered to another machine, where they clamped to a series of nozzles. The bottles slowly emptied within the machine, which was connected in many ways to the pair of gauntlets Lucy had worn at the Estate. Lucy looked to Sonya with a gentle smile. "I never had one, but I like to think the world is my home."

Sonya chuckled darkly, " and Zane both." She had her toolbox with her and set it down in the corner of the room, gathering her supplies. They had only convened together on ideas a couple times since the initial offer, but already they were finding an intellectual groove to meld towards...a synergy with their work.

Her ears twitched, as if suddenly remembering something, "Oh hey, by the way, don't go outside for a little while."

"Hm?" Lucy didn't plan to for the next while, but the mention of it had to mean something was up. "Everything alright?"

"For us, yeah. For the rest of Ruula..." she took a newspaper from her toolbox, weathered and worn, and slid to towards the woman, "Not so much."

Without even moving a hand, the slip of newspaper zipped in front of her, where she began to read. As she did, many of the floating objects began to safely settle in various spots as her focus diverted entirely towards the information. A brow cocked upward as she examined the colour photo that accompanied the article.

"A Diancie," Lucy pursed her lips, "Would be useful to create lenses, but it cannot create the ultimate lens..." She sighed, "Such a blunder that I was excited; I should've realised what he was wearing... I mean..."

"He?" the Meowstic was puzzled.

"Oh, Radegast," Lucy replied nonchalantly, "He was wearing this glove- or gauntlet or whatever. It was black and glassy. He-" Something about the photo caught her eye. It wasn't the Diancie, but rather the rippling purple... something... that surrounded the Diancie. The manifestation that had enough of a presence for the camera to pick up. "Well well," Lucy smirked, then cleared her throat, "Sonya, do you know what this is?" She placed the cutout onto a clear spot on the table and lightly rapped a fingernail on the purple energies that surrounded the Diancie.

The Meowstic walked over to investigate, nodding her head, "Yeah. Shadow energy. We found some Pokemon corrupted by it before. Very dangerous stuff."

"Interesting how it's being used to assume a leadership role, despite how utterly useless it is," Lucy shook her head in disappointment.

"It's powerful, but it does too much to our bodies to even use it, much less control it," Sonya stared at the photo, "But this...Queen Melaine...I can't tell if it's the poison in her body talking or if she has successfully harnessed it. Usually Pokemon lose a grip on themselves and become warped in negativity, which makes them truly cold-blooded, but too drunk on power to actually use it effectively. But in her case..."

"Either way, it's no skin off my nose," Lucy flipped the paper half-heartedly to see if there was anything else to read. "A creature like that tends to attract heroic types to try to stop her. When they're focused on," She stifled a giggle, "the Queen," She couldn't really hold back her giggling, "How narrow-minded." Lucy then cleared her throat, "Uhm. Yes. So. No one's paying attention to us anymore with a threat on that level."

"Exactly," the Meowstic pointed out, "So this would be a good time to gather supplies, maybe find a Legendary or two to truly max out the Master Blaster's power. All the while, Crimson and company will deal with the Diancie. By then, they won't even see us coming."

Lucy sighed, "It's a shame Uncle bought time to escape. I'd have gotten that Palkia as well." Her uncovered eye began to twitch around as if in recollection, "And if they learned from Mother, they'd assume I had her old tracker... but I don't- that's been lost in the Shadow Dimension... So, in lieu of Little Raddy's glove, I do have a perfect candidate in mind. Oh, but where are they now?"

"I had the grunts coast the entire region," Sonya snarled in disgust, "We couldn't find 'em. He may have left after your little encounter in Shalour. But..." Sonya raised a brow towards the Reginald, "Who did you have in mind?"

"The one who gave the glove to him," Lucy replied, "I managed to glean some information from my cousin- his mental ward wasn't exactly... top-notch. An old client I hadn't seen in forever, calls himself The Marine. He's probably used the Master Ball I sold him in order to catch such a creature."

Lucy leaned back, akin to a ballet dancer's stretch. She sighed harshly, "The ocean's a big place..." She began stepping gingerly about the lab, deep in thought, as objects began to resume their seemingly automated duties once more. "This Diancie's so narrow-minded," her train of thought suddenly switched back, "Queen of Ruula? How weak. How pathetically small-scale. If I didn't have better things to do..." She looked to the stone casket. "Alright,"

Without looking, the two gauntlets attached to the machine unhooked themselves and zipped over to encase both hands. A series of whirrz emitted as parts of the gauntlets set themselves, and a series of thick coiling cable rolled along her arms and plugged into the cybernetic grafted spinal attachment. "Alright alright alright," With her hands thrust forward, the stone casket shuddered.

At-first, nothing seemed to have happened. However, with a raised palm, the stone casket lifted. Through the bottom, however, the stone seemed to melt around what appeared to be an old, well-preserved, yet horribly burnt corpse. While the corpse lay spotless on the table, Lucy moved the casket off to the side. As soon as she let go, however, the once-solid stone suddenly dumped into a pile of dust in a corner.

"Thank you Reggie," Lucy smiled gleefully, "This is a piece of history, that it is."

Sonya peeked over her shoulder, "Who is that?"

"Genis Reginald," Lucy could barely hide her own excitement in her voice as her hands gently caressed the charred face of a Gardevoir. The skin was blackened, but fit tightly against the shape of the skull. With no way to decompose, the level of preservation was astounding. It was perfect.

"The Vandal."


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