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Character Portrait: Horus Contrary to popular belief he does not have a hawk head, but he can change into a hawk. Likes wearing feathers and chasing rodents while screeching and flapping his arms wildly.
Character Portrait: Seynt A pan-dimensional demon. Wears a tattered black cloak, three red eyes constantly glow from beneath the hood.
Character Portrait: Vegris A lover of fine technology, elegant or bulky. He has no aesthetic preference. He loves his Family, he would die for them, and has.
Character Portrait: Soulsong A mysterious being. He wears a long purple cloak that is largely covered in green runes. The runes shift and change constantly.
Character Portrait: Vyntreth The embodiment of insanity, born at the very moment insanity entered existence. He is young compared to many of the elder demons, but he does not cower at their presence.
Character Portrait: Aegis A machine held within Vegris' body that tears out of its flesh cage when Vegris is deemed unfit to protect himself.
Character Portrait: Prototype A small mechanical being created by Vegris. It was the very first autonomous machine he made. The maching is quadrupedal with a singular lense-like eye.
Character Portrait: Id Appears to be a child at the age of six. He acts purely on impulse, and is devoid of any morals.
Character Portrait: The Peregrine Absolutely nothing is known about this man, except that he enjoys playing music and telling stories.
Character Portrait: Rorik A Lord Knight turned pirate reigning from Midgard.
Character Portrait: Abstract A conglomerate of ideas and emotions. This being is very volatile and may or may not exist at any one point in time.
Character Portrait: Clyde Graham Clyde after he finds Logic. Arrogant, aggressive, vigorous.
Character Portrait: Ebb He has many nicknames: Nurgle, Lord of Decay, Pestilence, Lord of Flies, and many more. He is the true manifestation of decay and has existed since the dawn of creation.
Character Portrait: Flow The embodiment of change. She has existed since existence itself.
Character Portrait: Lyel Crux An Archangel with thre pairs of wings, like a Seraphim.