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Ninja Bunny » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Ninja Bunny as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Yasu Komatsu

Yasu Komatsu, located in Demesne

as part of Fragmented Sky

"Love grants the right to become human."

Character Portrait: Corona Liyua

Corona Liyua, located in Candence

as part of Effervescence

"What's the point? Just let me lay here and nap already, loser."

Character Portrait: Prisca Hart

Prisca Hart, located in Earth

as part of Kith and Kin

"The echoes of the past still resound in my heart."

Character Portrait: Fluorspar

Fluorspar, located in London, England

as part of The Tower Society || Familiar

"Turn that frown upside down, being sad won't accomplish anything."

Character Portrait: Ophie

Ophie, located in The Tundra

as part of Hiraeth

"I hope you don't mind taking care of me! I really appreciate it!"

Character Portrait: Ellen Winter

Ellen Winter, located in Noraneko

as part of Into The Woods

"Which me is the real me? What role do I have to play?"

Character Portrait: Mizuki Matsuri

Mizuki Matsuri, located in Cheocho

as part of Limbo Avenue | Paranormal Investigation Club

"Oh, hey! Let's go play at the arcade! I'm really good!"

Character Portrait: Viola Rosenkranz

Viola Rosenkranz, located in Castiva

as part of Mirrored

"We'll always be such good friends, won't we?"

Character Portrait: Ayanna Filia

Ayanna Filia, located in Noraneko

as part of Into The Woods

"My name's Aya! Let's be very good friends, okay?"

Character Portrait: Kitra Vacivus

Kitra Vacivus, located in Darwin

as part of Syzygy

"Unless you have a death wish, you'll surrender to me!"

Character Portrait: Lilac Sin

Lilac Sin, located in LAIOS

as part of Welcome to LAIOS Part II

"I'm flying high and free!"

Character Portrait: Aine Yasuda

Aine Yasuda, located in Up the Stairs

as part of Re: Start

"Magic works best if you really believe in it!"

Character Portrait: Corvia

Corvia, located in Alternate Earth

as part of Fôlcona

"I'll support him, no matter what."

Character Portrait: Miyara

Miyara, located in Alaska, United States of America

as part of Fôlcona

"She'll never see this wretched me again."

Character Portrait: Iflet Seylum

Iflet Seylum, located in Castiva

as part of Mirrored

"With my cousin on the throne, I've got the work cut out for me..."

Character Portrait: Mira Hespith

Mira Hespith, located in Convenience Store

as part of Rise of the Scouts

"I'm hungry. You're buying me food, right?"

Character Portrait: Rue Heslin

Rue Heslin, located in THe True Earth

as part of The Demon Hunt

"Ashes, ashes, they all fall down!"

Character Portrait: Aria Matsuri

Aria Matsuri, located in The City of Fiore

as part of The Beast's Eternal Roar

"I'm a sinner to kill all the others."

Character Portrait: Lilim

Lilim, located in The Tundra

as part of Hiraeth

"Y'know, there's no real point in anything. Nothing has meaning anyways."

Character Portrait: Urara

Urara, located in Alternate Universe

as part of Desert Sonata

No, I don't wanna have another council meeting!"

Character Portrait: Sera Kerry

Sera Kerry, located in Kokkua City

as part of Project: KOKKUA

"Oh come on, don't be scared of fighting! It's not like we're gonna live long anyways!"

Character Portrait: Cadence

Cadence, located in Eastford

as part of Project Dragonfly || Remaster

Some people say I look like a princess!

Character Portrait: Xianata

Xianata, located in Alternate Universe

as part of Desert Sonata

"I won't let this city fall."

Character Portrait: Luxara

Luxara, located in Alternate Universe

as part of Desert Sonata

"Don't believe what your eyes show you!"

Character Portrait: Kagami Koharu

Kagami Koharu, located in Human Realm

as part of The Way of The Ronin

"Let's be very good friends! I'm relying on you, okay?"

Character Portrait: Luna Severion

Luna Severion, located in Hyaline

as part of Beyond These Walls: The Monarch's Eye

Storage cuz the rp's dead D:

Character Portrait: Nee Arlan

Nee Arlan, located in Earth 2220

as part of A Nation's Demise : Reboot

"I'm tired, can we do it later, maybe?"

Character Portrait: Rhea

Rhea, located in Storybook Cove

as part of Monachopsis

Sibling Three | The Demon Child

Character Portrait: Tower NPCs!

Tower NPCs!, located in London, England

as part of The Tower Society || Familiar

Because the pad is unreliable.