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Novalene member of RPG for years

Bio: I'm an oddball. I'm an artist. I'm whatever I want to be, and you can't stop me.

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The Universe
Crazy Sand Urchin, Artist, Student, Adventurer
Would you like to know? I'm always happy to chat and get to know people. Message me if you'd like :)
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11 Nov 2010
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Fantasy, Sci Fi, etc.

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Chronicles of Eden

The dust has settled, the war is over, people have begun to build again. But this time they build up. Set themselves on glorified pedestals in the sky. Eden, perfection, join us or be Forgotten.

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Character Portrait: Katlyn Krane

Katlyn Krane

I'm a wanderer. I belong to nothing and no one.
Character Portrait: Skye Lintiri

Skye Lintiri

Always there; never noticed
Character Portrait: Karai Lynn Lawson

Karai Lynn Lawson

Everything comes at a price
Character Portrait: Krin Cortelli

Krin Cortelli

All I want is adventure
Character Portrait: Emma Venefica

Emma Venefica

I love cute things! But you didn't hear me say that...
Character Portrait: Melody Swarin

Melody Swarin

Do I have~ to?
Character Portrait: Isiri Okänd

Isiri Okänd

Killing is killing, whether done for duty, profit, or fun.
Character Portrait: Aralyn Akeb

Aralyn Akeb

"Suck It Up, Princess"
Character Portrait: Kaya Erikson

Kaya Erikson

"I don't do people..."
Character Portrait: Ayleta Trippoli

Ayleta Trippoli

What makes you different makes you dangerous.