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Character Portrait: Alvaron Ward Knight of Royal decree of the land Aventime. One to up hold justice and the law of the land, adept at combat by the sword. Whilst not magically inclined, most of his apparel and weaponry is enchanted, including the sword; Forlorn's Edge.
Character Portrait: Aventime The King of the Pantheon of the world of Aventime, known as the 'King God', 'The Farther', 'The Creator' ad infinitum.
Character Portrait: Malcolm Chapel Commander General Malcolm Chapel, rider of Kronor the Crystal Dragon. Kronor himself is a large beast, standing easily seven times over the Malcolm in question.
Character Portrait: Hadgren Darkmane A large and grimly dark red furred anthropomorphic fox, despite his size and physical strength amongst his over all appearance, he is rather jovial and pleasant. A philosopher of sorts.
Character Portrait: Viral A biological combat android, armoured and well equipped for adversity. Seems to be host to a alien symbiote of unknown origin and effect.
Character Portrait: Joseph R L Fox A magician of some calibre, his source of power, teaching and style lay unknown and often his magic leaves one baffled to the truth of the matter.
Character Portrait: Sarer Vaze Born between the mingling of God and Dragon, Sarer stands at a crossroad. His heritage allows him manipulation of fire and feats beyond mortal belief as he cuts his bloody path to his place amongst the stars.
Character Portrait: Tyrael The Archangel Tyrael is a member of the legendary Angiris Council. He is the Archangel of Justice.
Character Portrait: Varrer Zinradi Zara'Karduk, or Weaponmaster. Excelling with any and all weapons from Blade to Bullet and nearly all hand to hand forms. Able to pilot or ride any form of vehicle or mount. Race unknown, but looks human. Age also unknown.
Character Portrait: Malcolm 'Plague' Chapel A split personalitied power house, armoured in state of the art power armour, able to handle large scale damage and equally well equipped to dish it out. His alternate personality Plague is able to manipulate gravity.
Character Portrait: The Butcher [code]... and all that could be heard was the maddening sound as the butcher sharpened his blades for the next victim only to cackle madly into the dark, 'Play time...'[/code]
Character Portrait: Michael Nix "If freedom is an illusion, its one I am perfectly happy with."
Character Portrait: Azra Solarwing Also known as The Dragon God or Dragon God Emperor.
Character Portrait: Deus Ex Machinae Named after the latin term, Deus Ex Machinae - Deus is the collective existence of the conscious thoughts of the existing Universe.
Character Portrait: Saber Saber Class Servant and mythological Norse King of Old.
Character Portrait: Nyxeth Nullfire An eclectic person whom goes against his instinctual heritage in pursuit of his own goals.
Character Portrait: Arc Iconoclast Forever Searching, Forever Seeking, The Eternal Blacksmith, Arc.
Character Portrait: MK03KT - Knight Templar Prototype Cytiatech Knight Class Cyborg, used for extreme Search & Destroy scenarios.
Character Portrait: Joseph R L Fox Joseph is the current standing Teacher for Psychology, Social Studies, Self Control and Adaptation.
Character Portrait: Jacob Vyre For ye beings are sin in eternity and shall fall to thy righteous blade, amen
Character Portrait: Michael Nix "If freedom is an illusion, its one I am perfectly happy with."
Character Portrait: Jemane Aurin Dethasiel "Killing is such terrible work, don't you agree?"
Character Portrait: Gamzee Makara Gamzee Makara, also known by his Trollian handle terminallyCapricious, is one of the Trolls. His associated zodiac sign is Capricorn and his horns resemble those of a goat.