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Bio: I had just gotten into super hero comic books. Love em. Watchmen = Amazing. I want to join an XMen RP, I've been playing Marvel ultimate alliance to quench my thirst. But that's not enough.

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0- 6-2004
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all of them really
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Character Portrait: Mr. Zero

Mr. Zero

Jack Greggor, AKA Mr. Zero, is a mutant with the ability to distort/control gravity who came back to life with a new face after an accident with a steel bar killed him.
Character Portrait: Energizer


Trent Iglecia, AKA Energizer, is a mutant with the ability to bring dead people back to life, telepathy, and teleportation who spends most of his time in morgues, giving life to dead people.
Character Portrait: Seth James Barton

Seth James Barton

"Don't try and understand, you'll only be let down..."