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Character Portrait: The Modern Man An average Transhuman man. Nothing to see here.
Character Portrait: Cobra Commander The leader of the most maniacal Terrorist organization in the world! Cobra!!! COBRA!!!!!
Character Portrait: Sultan Burali Ottoman the Great Burali Ottoman the Great, the Wrathful, the Conquerer. Newly crowned highly expansionist Sultan, and the first to openly trade and affiliate with the Trantor.
Character Portrait: Techno Viking Techno Viking does not dance to the Music, the Music dances to Techno Viking.
Character Portrait: Nikita Zharkov Self-proclaimed prophet and leader of the Red Halo mercenaries, Zharkov bears the wounds inflicted by a Coalition bullet; the index and middle fingers of his left hand missing from a wound recieved in combat so many years ago.
Character Portrait: Ahash Shu An infantryman in the Guards of the Revolution, Ahash has come quite a way since his days under the Caliphs.
Character Portrait: Gamble-044 The merchant of the future! At least that's what it's supposed to be...
Character Portrait: Lydia Crow Another SIA Spy used to gather needed information or infiltrating into other companies, corporations, or factions on Terra.
Character Portrait: Kane Roth An upstanding Knight, loyal follower of the code and constant boozehound.
Character Portrait: Lieutenant Michael Cook Lieutenant Michael Cook; War-Hawks Commanding Officer.
Character Portrait: Staff Sergeant Foreman Staff Sergeant Thomas Randall Foreman; War-Eagle Platoon, Delta Company.
Character Portrait: Skullstuski The ruler of Armageddon
Character Portrait: Otto Pfeiffer There hasn't been a night that I don't see their faces.
Character Portrait: Devrim bin Ziad al-Ev Premier of the Union, close ally of the Soviet State and 'father' of the Sadik.