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Orsa of Terminus Closed

The Orsa of Terminus wish to claim artifacts to release their imprisoned lord. The Patronus Guardians are desperate to keep them from the Sealed One and his generals.

Competition: Coloured Sashesq Open

A Wing City wide competition to see who can collect the coloured shashes from each other. Chat based, multiverse IC roleplaying only.

Competition: Coloured Sashes Open

A Wing City wide competition to see who can collect coloured sashes to win one of three prizes. Chat only, multiverse IC based roleplay.

Fight Club Open

Fight Club, for those who are looking to improve their combat skills in a roleplaying environment. Currently mostly Chat-Based,

Willcraft Open

Where two 'crafters' give life to beings and send them into battle against each other, wielding mighty spells and clever strategies.

Kingdoms of Animalia Open

An exodus is occuring in the lands of Carnivaria, forcing many of the people south to lands where they are not welcome.

Battle Monsters Royale Open

Genetics Paragon Sciences presents Battle Monsters, a new creationg where you can recieve your own custom creature to fight others with.

BattleMons Royale Open

Paragon Genetic Sciences presents Battle Monsters, the new ultra pet available now.

Cult of Lzothozsh Open

The Cult of Lzothozsh stirs, bringing their great slumbering deity ever closer to waking.

The Underleague Open

The Underleague is a cheap mockery of the League of Legends, run illegally to turn a coin. Many come to earn fame or earn a living, but its a brutal merciless world.

Secondaries Open

Things changed when the mutation occured in two of five people. The Secondaries really changed how we think and see the world. Us vs. Them is the only mentality they have, so its the only one we can have.

The 'Late Night' Club Open

An intermediate level RP about a secret club formed at a boarding school in the dead of the night, lead by a lone girl who likes to play it high stakes.

Portal City Open

Portal city is a place like no other, outside of time and space and connected to countless other worlds. It's a place of endless possibilities and all kinds of people. You never know what might be just around the corner.

Forge Realms Open

Players join together to create and manage a kingdom.