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Sierra began stabbing herself, then, she stitched every wound up, even the one on her neck. She stabbed the corners of her mouth into a crooked smile. Then she stitched the wound together. She looked almost like a rag doll. She undid her black pigtails so that her long black hair went down her back. She found black paint and painted black lines down from her eyes. Then, she remembered the scar that covered her nose, she smashed her nose, breaking it. She stitched on bat wings on her back and head, finnec fox ears over her ears and raptor claws on her fingers. She got purple and dark blue fabric and stitched them into a torn dress, she took off her clothes and put it on her, she also stitched her feet. She threw her boots out the window. Then, she looked into the mirror at her two different colored blue eyes. She then covered her skin with pale blue cloth. "I am no longer Sierra, I am Patchwork." She said. She pet her black cat, Shadow. "You're mine, now."
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Feel of Killing

Sierra is an 18 year old girl, her father left when she was very little and she remembers nothing of him, her mother and her have just gotten into a fight.

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