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Um Hi Pika's The Name Roleplaying is my Game, I enjoy Rock Music, Electronic, R&B, and Latino, My Birthday is October 15th! I take my time and go back to my old roleplays I made before and redo them to look good as new, As I progress in this site I hope I learn more from others as I countinue,

^_~ BTW I'm taken so fellas move along a Xenomorph took my heart. I don't have a favorite roleplay genre...Or do I? On a daily I write and make things using photo because Why not? You can contact me using PM or IM, That's all you should know for now. Toodles.
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I live in the USA
:D I'm still looking!
I enjoy hanging with my buddy's and my boyfriend Xeno :D
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15-10- 0
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All of them
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I enjoy a subject with meaning

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