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A list of fictonal characters written by Princess Silkiesoft as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Wren Ladislas

Wren Ladislas, located in The Kingdom of Serin

as part of The Saga of Orashin: Blade of Serin

"My duty to my people out ways the need for silk petticoats."

Character Portrait: Gadget

Gadget, located in Jump City

as part of Titans 2.0 Go!

"Okay Ding Dongs lets go kick some Titan butt!"

Character Portrait: Carolyn Ellis

Carolyn Ellis, located in North America

as part of The Last of Us || To see another day

"Just shut up and follow orders."

Character Portrait: Esther Linford

Esther Linford, located in Melbourneshire, United Kingdom

as part of You Are Cordially Invited

"And they lived happily ever after... the end."

Character Portrait: Allie Maramack

Allie Maramack, located in San Francisco, California

as part of Just a Part of Growin' Up

"Sorry I stopped listening when you starting showing your ignorance."

Character Portrait: Viktor Dormount

Viktor Dormount, located in Concordia

as part of Welcome to Concordia

Old Vampire

Character Portrait: Jinja Kabocha

Jinja Kabocha, located in Are De Cuisine

as part of Le Are De Cuisine

"Lets make something tasty".

Character Portrait: Zoey

Zoey, located in New Hope School

as part of Only a small child...


Character Portrait: Hattie Lovell

Hattie Lovell, located in Concordia

as part of Welcome to Concordia

She see's dead people

Character Portrait: Rhiannon Kaufman

Rhiannon Kaufman, located in London

as part of Clocklock

"Is everyone okay"?