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Character Portrait: Valerie Chambers A corporate mogul in a secret relationship with a very prominent eligible Aschen bachelor.
Character Portrait: Cordelia Edenhelm The Princess of Skyfall and heir to the throne after her father's untimely death.
Character Portrait: Sabine Varushka A once well renown model whose life has begun anew.
Character Portrait: Teagan Harp A mysterious woman with uncanny abilities that equip her the ability to survive the harshest conditions.
Character Portrait: Peter Harrington A professional slacker in life with street smarts and smooth words.
Character Portrait: Una Markett Bastard daughter of King Edenhelm and central in the plot to usurp the Crystal Crown upon his death.
Character Portrait: Sybbil Vallade A female elf of House Vallade, the current house holding power over the Neluthien elves.
Character Portrait: Tarrik Vallade Firstborn son of Brakk Vallade, and heir to the seat of the Neluthien elves.
Character Portrait: Adelaide Traegar A malicious and conniving woman who will stop at nothing to bring down the crystal crown and claim Skyfall for herself.
Character Portrait: Feyleth Ithlonde A half-breed elf of House Ithlonde.
Character Portrait: Feyren Ithlonde The current Head of House Ithlonde, an elven man that pushes change for the traditions of the ancient Neluthien race.
Character Portrait: Maegan Davenport A young minor noble woman pledged to House Markett. Only the strong survive, the harshness of life challenges and hones, winnowing away all weakness.
Character Portrait: Jastes Belmark A Mistborn of great ability; a secret of House Belmark.
Character Portrait: Mylor Clearwater A half-elven ranger with a long history that has left her twisted and bitter.
Character Portrait: Bossy Librarian Shh! Quiet in the library!