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LGBT supporter. Published Author. College student. Lover of fantasy, sci-fi, and apocalyptic settings for stories and roleplays.
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Reading and writing Fantasy with homosexual themes. Studying English to become a Creative Writing/Mythology teacher. Listening to Music, collecting knives and dragons, working on my car. Currently on Hiatus.
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Dragon Age II
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Completed Stories

Haunting's of the Supernatural Completed

There's normal everyday school and students. Then there's Mist Valley. A high school with a lot of secrets. The last Senior class graduated after just barely seeing disturbances and supernatural occurances. What will this years class find?

Reign of Dragons : Rebooted Completed

Tensions are thick, the three powers fight amongst themselves. In the shadows a group emerges with the deadly intent to raise an old, powerful enemy. With the cities at each others throats already, it'll take someone else to stop the evil from rampaging.

Universes Created

Lord of Elements

1x1 with Eddy V. Sovorov

A Tale of Lastra

Forty years after the fall of Barthomel and Domieen. Cities have been rebuilt and a new age of peace has fallen. However, that peace is fragile, just like everything else.

Gods of Drevair

The land has known nothing but war. An ancient tale that the continent of Drevair is a living being have been long lost, until five sentient beings appear and want to kill everything on the soils of Drevair

Conqueror of the Elements

Iveir has gone through changes. Changes that most are not prepared for. However, in the midst of the change, the slight chaos, foreign rule takes over the empty throne of the Water Kingdom. From there, conquering the rest of Iveir is only a matter of time

The Mercenaries' Princess

The princess is cursed with a kind of 'disease' that threatens her heart, so she's locked up in her room by order of her mother. She escapes with the hope of finding freedom, and finds herself in the hands of the mercenaries.

Sono Kanshi-Sha

A Seer is born every twenty years and successes their mother. Only females are born as Seer's from a certain family line. One Seer has lost herself to a God possessing her, a terrible secret kept from the new Seers. But it won't be a secret for very long

A Nations Demise

With expansion out into space, all sorts of things are possible. The Three Powers that now occupy Earth have expanded outwards, and run into a different kind of intelligence. One that, if provoked, can wipe out the entire human race.

A Nation's Demise : Reboot

With expansion out into space, all sorts of things are possible. The Three Powers that now occupy Earth have expanded outwards, and run into a different kind of intelligence. One that, if provoked, can wipe out the entire human race.

Sono Kanshi-Sha : Reboot

Seer's are people that are born with the ability to see the Gods. Their purpose is to keep the Gods from killing innocents. However, there is an even bigger problem now. One of the Seers has been possessed and is hell bent on destroying everything.

Kings of Elements: Reboot

The world is kept in balance by four orbs of each major element. The orbs are a secret from the people, with only the Kings holding them and knowing their purpose. However, one of them has been murdered, and it's only the start of a grueling darkness.

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