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Universes Created

The New Way

Its thousands of years after Aang and his rag tag group of frinds defeat Fire Lord Ozai and his Evil Daughter Azula. There is a new threat to the Four nations, Akatsuki The oldest child of the Current Fire Lord.

The Experience: Japan

Four kids are sent to japan for an foreign exchange program where they feel unwelcome and alone until the meet Japanese most hated teens, well the most hated in the little town of Fukuoka. Which isn't really that small. Lets see what they do next.

Something New

Something new, something old, all the same truth be told. The new we wanted now the old we wanted then. Once we have we never give. Decieve to gain agian, somthing new once agian.

Zodiac Games

Before the world was created, when time first started their were four beings who werent evil; or atleast not as evil as the rest. Banning together the made a small planet called earth. And when their little Planet need protection they made 12 protectors.

The Damned II

{The Damned Remake, All Credit goes to Feral}The fight and plight over a post-zombie apocalyptic struck city. From the mutants who run the city with their gangs, to the humans who seek their refuge - it's clear that nobody is safe

Its a Band Thing

When The Blood Red Roses and the TigerEyed Demons meet its hard to figure out if the love each other or hate each other, The BRR's are an all girl band and the TED's all boy and now, do to a bet, are touring together for the rest of summer.

Things that go THUMP

So you want to know about the things that go THUMP? Do we exsist? Look around child, hell look at me. Your reall question should have been if we are all evil.

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In this world its not faith that saves us but defiance