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A list of fictonal characters written by Quill as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Ophelia

Ophelia, located in Calpin, New York

as part of To Whom it May Concern

"Excuse my interruption, but you seem to have dropped your manners somewhere. I'd be more than willing to help you find them."

Character Portrait: Shoshan

Shoshan, located in Al-Rayyat

as part of Insurrection: Chains Unbound

"I will not die on this retched land. If changing my fate means helping you, then help you I will."

Character Portrait: Yuudai Nakamura

Yuudai Nakamura, located in Raytong City

as part of Hijōshikina's House of the Unstably Brilliant

How long will we stay cooped up in this place?

Character Portrait: Jacqueline Marie Fortier

Jacqueline Marie Fortier, located in The M-Verse

as part of Music Masters: Hi-Fi Prime

"The night is still young, and I'm just getting started."