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Infection: Earthfall Open

In the months following a devastating viral outbreak on a global scale and a new offensive under preparations to reclaim humanity's former glory, a team of operatives have been deployed to investigate the sudden disappearance of an important asset. REBOOT

Legend: Inception of Discord Open

You are a demon hunter, a member of the (legendary) Black Blades. You are considered as one of the best, but all hunters should follow these words: Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest ye become one.

The Flags of Glory! Open

You have been called upon to explore the Shattered Isles for a legendary treasure, one that's guarded by various secrets of the deep, but keep in mind that you are not the only ones searching! [ACCEPTING]

RP Test Closed

For testing purposes.

The Winds of Glory! Closed

[Under Construction] "Invitation-only-for-now" roleplay regarding pirates and treasure.

Infection: Into the Breach Open

With the aftermath of a global viral outbreak claiming mankind and the sudden disappearance of a corporate research facility, Delta Squad has been called in. Their mission: To investigate and secure the facility and the surrounding sector.

Planetfall Closed

Darkness is stirring. The calm before the storm is slowly ending. The world is now in the hands of the strong. This, is your legend. [NOW ACCEPTING - 4 SLOTS OPEN TO BEGIN]

Alpha Omega Closed

The Inner Worlds torn apart by war, memories left forgotten, and the remains of the New World lie in ruin. The year is 20XX, and mankind still holds strong throughout the irradiated wastelands. Will you bring mankind together or destroy what's left of it?